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Tourmaline self heating belt extending and widened to increase thermal protection stomach protecting stomach protecting abdomen waist corset

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Ordinary waist protection, is unable to cover the lumbar disc, in order to cover, you have to pull down waist protection, often waist protection will follow the body curve up run, we have to pull down again and again,,,.With this extension of the waist, you avoid this kind of embarrassment, because our extension has covered the lumbar intervertebral disc, very good use!

Product material description:

  • The heating part by self heating cloth and tourmaline tourmaline (jargon: magnet). A small amount of capsaicin is contained in the heat sensitive material on the heating cloth! The heating cloth used in this product is qualified by the national far-infrared and industrial Electrothermal Products Quality Supervision and inspection center, and has no adverse reaction to human body, and can increase the heating rate!
  • The other parts are made up of elastic or diving cloth.
  • Product efficiency:
  • Promote and improve the local and systemic blood circulation
  • Enhance metabolism
  • Relieve pain or relieve pain

Heating principle of products:

  • Tourmaline tourmaline heat from the body is not felt. So feel the fever is the heat sensitive material issued. Thermal sensitive materials react with water or sweat.
  • Product use method:
  • Skin must be used. The use time can be determined according to personal physique. If you want to use for a long time, you can separate a layer of gauze.
  • Although the principle of fever with water chemical reaction, but the human body to have a certain body temperature, otherwise it will extend the time to produce heat.
  • If you don't feel the heat for a long time, wipe the skin with warm water before use3-5Keep it moist for a few minutes, then take it immediately!
  • If you just test the product does not heat, wash immediately after taking, the effect is the most obvious, so that the method also can not feel the heat, can only explain the user does not apply to such products. (test the product itself does not heat, if the heat cloth on the hot material is hot, indicating that the product fever no problem)

Matters needing attention in using products:

  • Product temperature can not be controlled, the feeling is slightly higher temperature, it is necessary to loose, or pick off the product.
  • After a tingling, acupuncture, skin redness, burning sensation, is normal, after about half an hour, this kind of phenomenon can be eliminated, but also feel pain, or eliminate.
  • High fever, bleeding tendency, temperature sensation disorder and skin injury on wearing parts should be used with caution.
  • Hypertension, heart disease, skin allergies are prohibited. (self heating insoles, feet fat layer is too thick to disable)
  • Pregnant women, children, breast-feeding should not be used.

Preservation and washing:

  • No brush self heating cloth, is strictly prohibited to soak a long time, no sun, no ironing, do not use detergent, bleach, soap. Otherwise, it will affect the heating life.
  • Scrub the non heated area with a brush. Otherwise, it will affect the heating life.
  • Self heating products should be stored in a cool, clean and dry place, otherwise the heating life will be affected. Vacuum storage can prolong service life
  • Theoretically, the product can be used6000One hour, the actual use of time in accordance with the use of personal order. Even without fever, the product still has magnetic therapy and a certain warmth retention effect. It can also change the heating cloth itself