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Softening filter / well water filter / iron and manganese removal filter / groundwater filter

The water filtered tap water spring water river, the main removal of water, sediment, rust, iron, manganese, red algae, some metal material, a variety of suspensions and other solid material.

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Product Name: manganese sand filter + quartz sand filterSoftening filter
Precision filter (4 stage filtration)

Product flow: 1T/H

inventory:(Remarks:Can also be customized according to the customer






Double stage manganese sand filter

Tank 20CM*H110CM


1Manual filter valve head

2FRP tank

3Water treatment filter material

4Up and down water distributor,Central pipe

Product process:

1The main removal, filter, sediment, rust, iron, manganese, red algae, some metal material, a variety of suspensions and other solid material.

Run the new valve head parameters:


Main parameters:

The base "- 2-1/2 -8NPSM
Inlet / outlet "or" F - 3/4 1/2
Drain - 3/4 "or" 1/2 F
The center tube - 1.05 "OD
Work stress - 0.1-0.6Mpa
Working temperature - 5-45 C
Maximum water yield - 2m3/h

Iron and manganese removal filter for manganese sand and quartz sand quartz sand natural quartz ore as raw material, through mining, crushing, washing, screening and other processed (high purity quartz sand by pickling), the appearance of a polygonal globose white crystalline body, without impurities, high mechanical strength, chemical stability and the sewage interception capacity, long service life, good economic benefit. Mainly used to effectively remove suspended solids, sediment, floc, solid particles and other impurities in water, and the water colloid, iron, organic matter and other pollutants have obvious removal effect, but also can reduce the turbidity of water! Improving water temperature! Improve yellowing of water! The role of manganese sand is to remove iron and manganese in water


Application range:

It is suitable for household filtration system, industry, boiler feed water softening, reverse osmosis pretreatment system and so on.


Product process:

1The main removal, filter, sediment, rust, iron, manganese, red algae, some metal material, a variety of suspensions and other solid material

The groundwater in many parts of China including Tieda5~15mg/LUp to20~39 mg/LManganese content is up to0.5~2.0mg/LEven more than2.0 mg/L. Iron exceeds standard ground waterFe2+The state of existence, so just pumping up, the water is clean and clear, but there is iron smell. Slightly longer time, water quality becomes cloudy.Fe2+It is easy to pollute the ion exchange resin and make the resin poisoning and reduce the exchange capacity.Fe2+The reverse osmosis membrane was contaminated and failed. When molten iron is used as boiler make-up water, it is easy to scale, not only affect heat transfer, but also cause wall corrosion easily. The iron content in cooling water is more than that in water0.5mg/LIron will promote the propagation of iron bacteria, the sticky mud will not only block the pipeline, but also accelerate the corrosion of equipment. In addition to the iron and manganese filter set the process of oxidation, ion exchange, interception and clarification process, according to the customer's water quality to make a reasonable design process, to achieve reliable and stable effect.
Iron and manganese removal in water must be aerated, oxygen in the air will make two valence iron, two valence manganese oxidation, generationFe(OH)3,MnO2,According to the content of iron and manganese in water, jet aeration or hollow polyhedral ball aeration is adopted. The iron content in the effluent can be met by the filtration of the first or multi-stage iron and manganese filter0.3mg/L,Manganese content0.1m/lIn line with national standards for drinking water.
First, the drinking water standard can be reached after the filter treatment
Groundwater is the source of water in many towns and industrial and mining enterprises in china. However, groundwater in many areas contains excessive iron, and the content is generally in the groundwater2—16mg/LThe range of iron content in groundwater after treatment was determined≤0.3mg/L, in line with the stateGB5749—85Drinking water quality standard.
Two, except iron and manganese filter applicable range
1It is suitable for iron content in groundwater≤8mg/LIn the iron removal system.
It is suitable for iron content in groundwater>8mg/L-≤16mg/LIn the iron removal system.
The two kinds of iron removal devices are suitable for the treatment system of groundwater as the water supply source in the middle and small towns, rural water supply, industrial and mining enterprises, industrial water, softening and desalination processes.

Three, except filter unique advantages
1This series of devices are all operated automatically. A new integrated iron removal device is assembled from water supply, oxygen washing, water distribution, filtration, backwashing and effluent. Can be automatically adjusted according to the operation requirements.
No suction device, air compressor, backwash water pump or water tower are required. It not only saves the project investment, but also brings a lot of convenience for the operation management and maintenance of the project.
The special manganese sand filter material with high iron removal efficiency can be used to ensure the water quality and water quantity.
If the high and low water level electrical control system is connected with the opening and closing system of deep well pump, the whole system can meet the requirements of unattended automatic water treatment system.

Four. Design parameters of filter for removing iron and manganese
1The influent iron content is: 1≤8mg/L>8mg/L≤16mg/L
The content of iron in effluent:≤03mg/LAccord with the stateGB5749-85Drinking water quality standard.
Surface load:8-9M3/H·M2
Flushing strength:14-16LS·M2
Flushing duration:4-6mim(Adjustable)
Inlet pressure:0.05MPa
Filter material: special manganese sand for removing iron and manganese052mmparticle size
Working temperature:540(special temperature can be customized)


Application range:

Suitable for well water, tap water, mountain spring water, surface water filtration



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