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Imported synthetic stone, black synthetic slate, carbon fiber, synthetic slate insulation material, mold insulation board

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Product name:Synthetic stone


The meaning of synthetic stone:
With the rapid development of high technology, people on the synthetic stone know more, the scope of application of synthetic stone has been more and more widely, from the beginning of the application of synthetic stone is only used for wave soldering; reflow soldering; fixture; fixture; pallets; solder paste printing and other fields, it has become a synthetic stone mechanical equipment; components; toasters; food processing industry; essential aviation ships and other products!
Synthetic stone carbon fiber board is a kind of composite nano material made of short fiber glass felt and high strength epoxy resin. It has the characteristics of low thermal conductivity, high resistance to heat, high temperature resistance, antistatic and chemical corrosion resistance. Synthetic stone carbon fiber board is widely used in electronics, aviation, warships, ships and other fields. In the electronic manufacturing, welding and other protective materials, synthetic carbon fiber board material has the advantages of easy processing, high strength, for electronic manufacturing wave soldering; reflow soldering provides a durable, high temperature resistant, anti-static PCB board material. The highest temperature resistance ability of 425 degrees! Good mechanical strength can be maintained during the continuous operation of the high temperature environment. Synthetic stone carbon fiber board can be fully adapted to 360 degree wave soldering, reflow soldering, high temperature process and production needs. In the continuous use of high temperature production line, the service life can reach 20000 times.
Characteristics of synthetic stone
A: synthetic stone (high temperature nanocomposite) can still maintain excellent physical properties at rising temperatures;
B: after repeated substrate loading process, the size stability and flatness can still be maintained:
C: low thermal conductivity of synthetic stone (high temperature nanocomposite) to ensure the heat distribution on the substrate;
D: through the characteristics of synthetic stone (high temperature nano composite material), the substrate is equipped with fixtures to do precision machining;
E: high strength resin in synthetic stone (high temperature nano composite) can effectively block the characteristics of flux and prevent tin tip from being produced.
Application of synthetic stone: range of tin paste printing; SMT patch; reflow soldering; wave soldering; conformal coating; machinery; equipment; parts; temperature insulation, heat insulation, etc..
The role of synthetic stone in PCB assembly process
(1) avoid pollution due to human touch;
(2) reduce scrap;
(3) prevent PCB bowing;
(4) standardization of production line width;
(5) use multi function fixture to improve production capacity;
(6) cover the SMT element at the bottom so that the local welding can be done by the standard reflow equipment;
The role of synthetic stone in wave soldering
In the environment where the temperature is rising gradually, the physical properties can be kept, so that the synthetic stone can achieve high standard results in the process of wave soldering, and there will be no deformation. In the harsh environment where the temperature is kept at 425 degrees for a short time and at 380 degrees of operation temperature, there is no delamination of the synthetic stone (high temperature nano composite material); foaming, deformation and so on.
Specifications of synthetic stone?
1150*12501220*2440 synthetic stone thickness of 3 to 32 thick spot, more than 32 of the custom-made, with soil yellow, blue, red, gray, white, not hurt knife, can be processed, the price is good quality
Rest assured, good operation, you can use 2000 times.
Can synthetic stone be processed?
Synthetic stone can be generally processed, stamping, cutting, fine-tuning, general fine tune more.
Choose the direction of synthetic stone?
Synthetic stone is a glass fiber compound, which is specially designed to meet the different needs of the substrate assembly process.
SMT: synthetic stone has been confirmed for the process in SMT with the mechanical processing process can reach SMT required precision, and continued to maintain its reflow cycle flatness, low thermal conductivity material can prevent heat shrinkable substrate, to ensure the quality of reflow. The SMT carriage made of synthetic stone has the following functions:
1. Support thin substrate or flexible circuit board
2, can be used for irregular shape of the substrate
3, multi plate can be loaded to increase productivity
4, to prevent the substrate during the reflow soldering, bending phenomenon has gradually increased in the temperature environment, ability can continue to maintain its physical characteristics, the synthesis of Shi Ke in wave soldering process, the result of high standard and no deformation, short time at 350 DEG C and continuous in the harsh environment of the 280 c operating temperature, it will not cause Durostone base isolation.
Synthetic stone can improve the efficiency of wave soldering process:
1, avoid gold finger or contact hole contaminated by artificial touch
2, the bottom of the SMT element cover, can start through the standard back welding equipment for local welding
3, prevent substrate bending
4. Standardize the width of production line
5, use multi hole jig to increase productivity
6, to prevent tin pollution on the surface of the substrate
The prospect of synthetic stone?
In recent years, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection. As widely used in curtain walls, some local governments have advocated the use of light free stones, clay plates and so on. Therefore, the external curtain wall is also a direction of stone.
Because the natural marble belongs to non renewable resources, and due process, human factors, China's marble mine waste a lot of resources seriously, there has been a lot of crazy mining mine has been razed to the ground, and to maximize the use of natural stone synthetic marble blocks, so the use of synthetic stone to make a future development trend the.
With the increasing maturity of the processing technology, synthetic stone can make very close to the natural stone texture and color sense, the future will be better, and can make some natural stone do not have texture, these color makes people choice is no longer confined to the limited natural stone texture, greatly enrich the designer's design thinking.
So the development of synthetic stones will be fleeting.

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