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Mold insulation board anti-static synthetic stone stone processing 2530405060mm reflow welding

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Product introduction:


Synthetic stone is a kind of carbon fiber board made of glass fiber mat and high strength epoxy resin composite material, has the characteristics of low thermal conductivity, high temperature resistant, fire-retardant, anti-static, anti chemical corrosion etc..
Synthetic stone carbon fiber board is widely used in electronics, aviation, warships, ships and other fields. In electronic manufacturing, welding and other protective materials, synthetic stone carbon fiber plate material with high strength, easy processing, electronic manufacturing reflow soldering; provides a durable, high temperature resistant, anti-static PCB plate carrier material.
The highest temperature resistance ability of 425 degrees! Good mechanical strength can be maintained during the continuous operation of the high temperature environment. Synthetic stone carbon fiber board can be fully adapted to 360 degree wave soldering, reflow soldering, high temperature process and production needs.
In the continuous use of high temperature production line, the service life can reach 20000 times.
Characteristics of synthetic stone
1: synthetic stone (high temperature nanocomposite) can maintain excellent physical properties at rising temperatures;
2: after repeated substrate loading process, still can maintain the size of the stability and flatness:
3: low thermal conductivity of synthetic stone (high temperature nano composite material) to ensure the distribution of heat on the substrate;
4: through the characteristics of synthetic stone (high temperature nano composite material), the substrate is equipped with fixtures to do precision machining;
5: high strength resin in synthetic stone (high temperature nano composite material) can effectively block the characteristics of flux and prevent tin tip from producing.
Application of synthetic stone: range of tin paste printing; SMT patch; reflow soldering; wave soldering; conformal coating; machinery; equipment; parts; temperature insulation, heat insulation, etc..
The role of synthetic stone in PCB assembly process
(1) avoid pollution due to human touch;
(2) reduce scrap;
(3) prevent PCB bowing;
(4) standardization of production line width;
(5) use multi function fixture to improve production capacity;
(6) cover the SMT element at the bottom so that the local welding can be done by the standard reflow equipment;
The role of synthetic stone in wave soldering
In the temperature rising environment, can continue to maintain their physical properties, which can be in the wave soldering process of synthetic stone, the result of high standard, and no deformation situation. In a short time at 425 degrees and 380 degrees in the harsh environment of continuous operating temperature, it will not cause synthetic stone (high temperature nano composite) delamination; foaming; deformation.
Synthetic stone specification: 1150*12501220*2440 (thickness specification data is too much, can not be stated one by one, what thickness, please contact the seller, thank you for cooperation)
Color of synthetic Slate: blue, gray, white, black,
Not hurt knife, can be processed, the price is good, the quality assured.
About the processing of synthetic slate,
Synthetic slate can be processed, stamping, cutting, fine tuning, more general fine-tuning.


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