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Midea microwave panel / key switch film touch switch KD23C-AN (B) KD23B-AN2 (B)


discount 70% in 2018-10-15 to 2018-10-17
price: USD$ 6.16
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:2
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Please confirm the washing machine fault before purchase

How to determine the washing machine fault judgment

First, common failures of water supply

1、askWhat is the trouble of washing clothes after starting?

      answerThe water level switch is bad, or the leakage of the water level switch skin pipe. Solution: replace the water level switch, seal the ends of the tube with glue. If it can't be solved, replace the computer board.

2、askWhat is the trouble of opening the power supply without starting the water?

      answerThe water inlet valve is bad, which leads to the burning of the computer board. The solution is that the water inlet valve and the computer board can be replaced at the same time, and the computer board will burn out.

Two, washing clothes common faults

1、ask(1) boot does not start to turn; 2) after the water is finished, wash clothes side turn or can not turn what is the fault?

answerThe computer board burnt out, the motor partial short circuit or burnt out, the capacitor is bad. Solution: measure motor resistance (normal resistance two pairs of windings = = main winding), motor resistance is normal, the capacitor can replace the computer board, such as motor resistance is not equal, need computer board and motor.

2、askWhen the water is normal, what will happen when the laundry procedure will drain?

answerThis fault should be the hand washing machine, the drainage tractor is three lines, the distance between the drainage tractor and the drain valve plug is too short. Solution: adjust the clutch handle screw, so that the distance can be longer, or change the single stroke (pull the left and right sides of the tractor line and connect, cut the computer board hand rub function line to solve the fault. There is no need to replace the computer board

3、askAccording to the start can not water, wash clothes directly what is the fault?

answerIf the water level switch fails, the water level switch can be replaced, and the computer board can not be replaced if the water level switch is not solved.

4、askWhen the water is over, what's wrong with the alarm when washing clothes?

answerGeneral bucket balance fault, LG. Panasonic washing machine has dry reed tube protection, should be the cover magnet dropped, dry reed tube can not suck and fault, solution: adjust bucket balance. The problem of the reed switch is solved by installing the magnet on the cover.

5、askWhat is the trouble of washing the clothes and not getting the drainage dehydration procedure?

answerBucket balance failure is usually the problem of one side of the barrel inside the barrel. Solution: short circuit computer plate bucket balance socket can (short circuit method: find the computer board corresponding socket, plug the plug in the computer board above, in the computer board corresponding socket line skin peeling, directly twisted together can).

Three. Common failures of drainage

1、askStart the drain valve is not opened, according to the start after the drainage side of the water, what is the fault?

answerThe drain valve is bad and the computer board is burnt out. Solution: the computer board and drain valve can be replaced simultaneously.

2、askWater, washing clothes normal, can not drain, not dehydration, try what fault?

answerDrain valve burned, causing the computer board burned out. Solution: replace the drain valve with the computer board at the same time.

Four. Common failures of dehydration

1、askOther programs are normal, that is, can not be dehydrated, drain or start drainage alarm, display fault code is what fault?

answerThe door switch is broken, and the bucket balance switch is broken. Solution: door switch with short circuit computer barrel switch socket can balance (short circuit method: find the computer board socket, plug in the computer board in the computer board corresponding to the socket of the line peel, can be directly twisted together).

2、askOther procedures are normal, can not be dehydrated, drained, and so on 4 minutes or so on the alarm, or not alarm what failure?

answerWater level switch fault, solution: replace water level switch.

3、askOther procedures are normal, can not be dehydrated, dehydration as slow as washing clothes, what is the fault?

answerThis fault is the drainage valve does not open the clutch when the fault, solution: adjust the clutch handle screw, the drainage valve with the drainage plug between the distance to adjust a little bit, the clutch handle opened in place can be.

Five, alarm common faults

1, ask: start the alarm, display the fault code is what fault?

Answer: usually start the alarm or start the alarm, it is the water level switch problem. Replace the water level switch, check whether the contact line is bad, can be resolved, if not solved, then replace the computer board.

Note: washing machine alarm, there is a fault code, general washing machine instructions have corresponding instructions, according to the fault code to determine the scope of failure, there is no manual, Baidu once.


After sales according to the process

First, after sales instructions:

The quality of the washing machine computer board within one year (color classification marked time to be marked), 15 days no reason to return. (statement: the computer board breaks, does not change, the bad review directly pull black list, equivalent to the buyer automatically give up after sale)

Two, freight description:

  1. Refund of any reason within 1-15 days, only refund the goods, can not refund the freight, please understand!
  2. Replacement within 1-30 days, the quality problems of freight (AA that buyers returned to the buyers to pay the freight, the shop in the past, we pay the freight). Return to product testing no problem, buyers bear back and forth freight.
  3. 30 days after 1 years of quality problems replacement, buyers bear back and forth freight.
Welcome to enter home appliances aftermarket first
Name: home appliance accessories (note the first Taobao customer service)
Business phone 18602126267 contacts: (please find Wang Wang lobular customer service)
Good, you can directly take the payment, there are any problems, we will want or telephone contact parents
Working hours: Monday to Sunday9:00-22:00, shipped every day
1.The computer board burnt out unconditional replacement, each month bear the one-way freight. If the inlet valve, drain valve, motor short circuit will be installed, namely burning the computer board, usually there will be open power switch, did not start directly into the water or direct drainage or impeller rotation
2.Buyers buy wrong goods, or found their original computer board no fault, can be returned to change, back and forth freight buyers assume.
3.The computer board has been tested by the entity machine. If there is a problem, check the other parts of the machine for the first time
4.Those who have purchased commodity buyers, will provide technical support, please find the best Wangwang, ready to install the effect picture.
5.The purchase of goods will buy transport insurance, freight refund occurs by the insurance company, the shop does not bear the return of freight.
6.Where the poor assessment of the shop, no warranty, not exchange, directly into the blacklist, electronic software archive.
7.After purchase, return the goods for any reason, buyers and sellers bear back and forth, this clause is not accepted, please do not buyComputer boards are controversial products, and everyone doesn't want to do it because everyone needs to take responsibility. The reasons are: (A) more buyers to buy, only to find the original computer board is not bad and require return. (B) guests do not want to repair the washing machine, and require C (return) too long or buy locally and return (D) installation damage and require return. (E) other questions requiring return. (F) the installation of no electricity, this situation is mostly caused by the transport of electronic components loose, cracking.
8.Not for Alipay's business, please contact the principal want through the bank card remittance.
9.The products sold in our store:
Huizhou Guangdong Li Feng Xiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Huizhou Xiang Niu Electronics Co., Ltd.
Guangxi Liuzhou Yu Sheng Electronic Appliance Co., Ltd.
Fuzhou Fujian Hongyuan Electronics Co., Ltd.
The original OEM manufacturers of all brands
Remarks:The link type is for reference only. If the appearance is different, please check with the sellerThe computer board, pictures are real shooting, because of different batches, there will be color, position, size, maintenance parts of solder joints waterproof glue fill, dust, oil stains, the appearance of a slight adjustment, the procedure function increase or conversion function, but does not affect the normal use, belongs to the normal. Part of the original plate, refurbished plate part of the obsolete appearance, the store shipped in accordance with the inventory,Please buy carefully if you care too much about appearance
10.The main cooperation express is rhyme express, if the rhyme can not reach, what express can note, write more than a few commonly used express, the shop as far as possible arrangement.
11.Please fill in the correct receipt address information, because the buyer fill in the receipt information error, causing all losses to be borne by the buyer, if the buyer modify the receiving information, the seller must confirm the effective. Due to the courier company network to suspend transportation routes, problems, old and new outlets courier company transfer, express company website is not clear, because the Liuzhou shipping price is too expensive, other special circumstances, the seller can be sent to buyers under the arrangement of other courier to ensure, if not to the moratorium.
12.Delivery time: normal at 12-17 o'clock every day, except for special case.
1. transportation tracking query:Baby tracking inquiries are as follows: (1) point I am a buyer (2) point has been bought baby (3) point of view logistics, you can see the details of cargo transport. (4) if you can't see it, please copy the transport number and enter the express company website ( for inquiry, then you can see the current location of the goods. If there is doubt, you can also call the courier company in your area of service telephone consultation. If postal EMS unified service phone 11185
2. sign in:When you receive the goods, you can first sign, hand sign receipt, and face to face acceptance, if the transportation problems obviously affect the normal use, you can fill in the transport form on the spot for reasons rejected, and promptly contact the store. Buyers or buyers of the unit, friends sign, as you sign for yourself, and express that you confirm the goods intact, the number is correct, after the problem, because the store can not get the shipping company compensation, the store will not bear any costs caused by transportation. Non transport problem, buyer refused to accept all shipping charges to buyers. If there are other problems, please communicate with the seller in time, sincere service!
3. check warranty documents:Our store's computer board is attached with the warranty label, Yao, seal and other marksWarranty labelandShop stampPlease contact the store for record within 12 hours.
4. installation special matters needing attention:The buyer must be on-site installation supervision, must not leave the installation site, requires the master must check the washing machine motor, water inlet valve, drain valve, power switch, power line, drainage pump, and other electronic components are intact, otherwise it will burn the computer boardInlet valve line resistance should be greater than 4K, the old paragraph DC valve should be greater than 100 ohms, otherwise it is bad, the device should be replacedSo as not to burn the circuit board again. Electronic water level washing machine, please use the same frequency of water level, otherwise there will be more than water or not drying phenomenon. Common water intake valve failure caused by the computer board burning common fault is: the starting valve vibration shock water, even when changing the computer board, even the inlet valve is also changed, so as not to burn the computer board again. Start the drain valve open drainage, a lot of drainage valve short circuit led to burning the computer board.
5. only within 48 hours after receipt of the installation of successful payment, you can enjoy the warranty. If the first installation is unsuccessful, need to change the repair, according to the repair contract, 48 hours after the payment to enjoy the warranty, otherwise, will default to abandon the good and perfect after-sales service. This shop will be on file. 48 hours no response, installation problem represents installation success.
Customer service(who gives a bad comment to our shop, which means the buyer gives up the warranty)
1. computer board warranty:Since January 1, 2012, the computer board has been approved for one year
2. the following situation, the computer board is not warranty:1: non store computer board, 2 without the consent of our shop, unauthorized damage to the computer board 3: send the computer board transport serious damage. 5: to the seller in the poor evaluation of 6:, other unreasonable
3. warranty refund, change process: (no need to provide evaluation screenshot) warranty date according to the date of receipt
(A) operating procedures for no reason to return within seven days:Want to contact the seller to purchase some refund (only refund the amount of goods) to the seller to provide delivery address to the buyer to pay back (fill in the receipt of information and the reasons for return to transport to the seller) entry number acceptance after receipt to refund buyers, buyers claim to the insurance company to complete the freight
(B) seven days warranty replacement process:Want to contact the seller to purchase again to the seller to arrange the shipment to shoot pay taken last time to apply for a full refund to the seller to provide delivery address, buyers pay back (fill in the receipt of information and the reasons for return to transport to the seller) entry number acceptance after receipt to refund buyers, buyers claim to the insurance company freight to complete
(C) warranty process within seven days to one month:Want to contact the seller to auction the seller to provide delivery address to the buyer to pay back (fill in the receipt of information and the reasons for return), express tracking acceptance after receipt of the seller, the seller to pay the freight buyer to complete the renewal (where to shop in the poor representation of the buyers give up warranty)
(D) the warranty process within one month to one year:Want to contact the seller to auction the seller to provide delivery address to the buyer to pay back (fill in the receipt of information and the reasons for return), express tracking acceptance after receipt to the seller to notify the buyer seller and seller Alipay payment replacement freight shipment fee to complete the renewal of buyers (where to shop in the poor said buyers give up warranty).
Matters needing attention:Mail, freight, transport damage, non shop goods, the seller should be issued from the shop, warehouse will be accepted.
Special attention:Transport damage, this shop will reject, please must be packed. And the address of the address, phone name to fill in clear, so as not to send back the goods, the shop can not find who sent, delay processing time.
4. annual replacement details explanation:
If you buy the goods within 1 months, if you don't have the goods replaced, you can refund the purchase of goods money + ordinary courier buyers. Purchase within 3 months, if no goods change, only to refund the purchase of goods buyers. After 3 months of purchase, due to the shortage of factories, production or no goods in the shop, resulting in no exchange, the shop can only choose factory repair sent back buyers. Maybe the buyer sees that the baby in the store is in stock, and the inventory is inaccurate because of the wholesale sales. If the goods are out of stock, the store will rack the goods as soon as possible. Computer board shipped principle: first impressions, that is, the buyer's goods first returned to the store received, there are inventory first buyers, if the buyer does not return the goods have been photographed, first buy buyers.
January 1, 2012 implementation