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Double cylinder / double rod type CXSW series (6~ is 32) CXSWM20-100CXSWM25-75

discount 70% in 2018-07-22 to 2018-07-24
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Basic knowledge of cylinder:

The cylinder is an actuating element that transforms the pressure energy of compressed air into mechanical energy, which makes the drive mechanism reciprocate in a straight line, swing and rotate.

Classification of cylinders

1, cylinder operation mode is divided into two movements and single action (spring extrusion, spring pressure back) two kinds

2, according to the function of the cylinder can be divided into standard type, small, thin, biaxial type, etc.

3, according to the cylinder block material is divided into two kinds of aluminum alloy and stainless steel

Two, how to choose the cylinder

1, the choice of the main decision factors of the cylinder bore for the load weight, the gas supply pressure of the cylinder and the moving direction, according to the conditions of use, in the cylinder control below the output table to determine the diameter of cylinder.


The thrust of F1=A1 * P1 * F2=A2 * P2 * beta beta tension: F1 cylinder forward thrust (kg): F2 (kg) A1 push pull cylinder: push side piston compression area (cm2) = Pi D2=0.785D2A2: pull side of the piston compression area (cm2) = pi (D2-d2) =0.785 (D2-d2): P (operating pressure (kgf/cm2) the best value 5~6kgf/cm2): D (cm2): D cylinder piston rod diameter (cm2) beta: load rate

After sale instructions:

If you don't know much about the function or application principle of the product, please contact with the online customer service, and we will try our best to provide the relevant technical parameters and process drawings to confirm with you, and the product is more time, please use the shopping cart to buy.If you take a number of products, photographed after the display of freight will be very high, at this time, please actively contact online customer service to modify postage. We will receive the corresponding courier or logistics fee according to the total weight of your product.

Invoice: 500 yuan can open general ticket (5% points, 3000 yuan of tax collection) to the public business account transfer, value-added tax votes (10% tax collection).

About returned goods:


1. buyers before the purchase, please contact customer service, make sure that you need the product specific types and specifications after the auction, after the arrival of the product can not be installed or wrong specifications, this shop can provide return or replacement services (including non-standard products, customized products except) return or exchange goods buyers please ensure items the intact, and bear the freight.

2. our store is an online direct selling shop. The products provided by the company are controlled by the internal quality control system to ensure that all the products are in line with the quality requirements.

3. pats as agreed to the return clause, if there is a return dispute, this article will be as an important basis for statements

Postage and delivery:

Shipment: small products are passedSTO (default express) or SF Express (SF is paid to all)Delivery, bulk goods logistics to the customer's area, most of the logistics need to take delivery. The standard models are available in stock, basically shipped before five p.m., and the customized products are shipped according to the delivery date negotiated by both parties. STO rates are as follows:

Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai first heavy (1 kg): 6 yuan, continued heavy 1 yuan;

Anhui province first heavy (1 kilograms): 8 yuan, continued heavy 2 yuan;

Other provinces and cities in the first heavy (1 kg): 10 yuan, continued heavy 6 yuan;

Jilin, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan: the first heavy 12 yuan, continued heavy 15 yuan;


Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia (1 kg): 20 yuan, continued heavy 18 yuan.

Receiving and after sales:

1. receiving goods: after receipt of the goods, please unpack the goods in time, find the list of goods and timely check with the physical, check after receipt, if you have any questions, please according to the listTelephoneContact us.

2. after sales: in the installation process, there are any technical problems can be passed, online Wangwang or pull out technical personnelTelephone (18758774452)Consulting, we will wholeheartedly provide you with solutions.

3. warranty: all product warranty for one year, some products to extend for one year (five cylinder according to travel to one hundred thousand km), where in the warranty period of any quality problems can be free of maintenance and replacement, man-made damage (non quality reasons) will be based on your customer service attitude decides whether to free repair or according to the cost price for the cost of parts.


4. return: because pneumatic products type and specification is too much, if because of purchase errors or other reasons, within seven days there is no reason to return(except for non standard products and customized products)The buyer will bear the return freight, and the seller will deduct the delivery cost when the refund is made. If there is a dispute, the buyer will not accept the return.



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