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Rubber tube plate solar MAG chemical pipeline noise insulation waterproof factory direct sales

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Specification: long 1.7m wall thickness

Inner diameter

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Brief introduction of performance characteristics of rubber plastic pipe:

Rubber insulation pipe can reduce heating energy consumption, it is a new generation of energy-saving insulation material. In the 70s of last century, many countries have begun to pay attention to building energy conservation, rubber insulation pipes began to move to the market, effectively reducing the energy consumption of heating insulation. Rubber plastic insulation pipe is a kind of closed cell insulation material, mainly used for thermal insulation of pipe line or mechanical equipment. There are many specifications for rubber and plastic insulation pipes, which are suitable for insulation and insulation of different equipment in different environments. In addition to the environmental temperature and humidity, temperature and pipe diameter are the factors which influence the pipe specifications of rubber insulation: the higher the temperature, the thicker the rubber insulation tube specifications; environmental humidity is large thicker materials; medium temperature is lower, thicker materials; pipe diameter is bigger, the more thick rubber insulation tube specifications. As for rubber insulation pipe price is also related to rubber and plastic insulation pipe brand, rubber insulation pipe specifications, and choose rubber insulation pipe should consider the above three factors, choose the most appropriate product. Because of its excellent comprehensive properties, the material has been widely used in construction, textile, medicine, chemical, metallurgy, shipbuilding and other industries. Comparatively, the cooling and condensation prevention of the water and steam pipes in the air conditioning system is comparatively concentrated, and the ideal use effect is obtained. The scientific name of rubber and plastic board is (PVC/NBR) the main control parameters are adiabatic thickness, thermal conductivity, density, combustion performance, vacuum water absorption, dimensional stability, tear strength, compression rebound rate, aging resistance, etc..

1. good insulation effect

The insulation material has a closed hole structure, and the surface is fine, the heat conduction coefficient is low and stable, and the insulation effect is separated from the cold and hot medium, so the material thickness is thin, the layer recording can be improved, and the architectural space is saved.

2. moisture proof and dew proof

The insulation material is not only an insulating layer, but also a moisture-proof layer, without additional water vapor permeable protective layer, even if the surface local damage, it will not affect the overall moisture resistance.

3. good flame retardancy and smoke resistance

When heated, the flame will not melt and will not drop into a fireball. The smoke concentration will be very low and will not spread the flame. At the same time in line with the national standard GB8624, in line with the American Institute of materials testing (ASTM) D-635 standard, Japan industrial standard K-6911 refractory material level.

4. the appearance of high-grade neat appearance

Thermal insulation material has high elasticity, soft texture, smooth surface, exterior without decoration, even without ceiling, but also maintain high-grade.

5. convenient installation

Because the insulation material needs no other auxiliary layer, the installation and construction is simple and quick, and the adhesive is saved only by cutting and bonding.

Be careful!The insulation tube is an elastic tube that may flatten when it is packaged,Similar to the sponge thing, soft, a little error is a normal phenomenon, card out may not necessarily standard, but we will strictly in accordance with the factory specifications shipped, please understand, thank you.


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