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Kroraina Tiida Sylphy Teana Qashqai Livina air conditioning cold refrigerant refrigerant freon refrigerant coal

discount 70% in 2018-10-16 to 2018-10-18
price: USD$ 17.50
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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134a environmental protection automotive refrigerant refrigerant freon refrigerant

The cooling effect is very good! Air conditioning refrigeration is not good, it is worth trying its cooling effect. Weight: 250G
Environmental protection 134a snow species, green environmental protection products, with strong cooling effect. Its brands and products throughout the field of refrigeration Chinese, widely used in Shanghai GM, Shenyang Jinbei GM, Changchun FAW Volkswagen, FAW Audi, Guangzhou Honda, Anhui Chery, Jiangsu Yueda, Yangzhou Yaxing Benz, Frestech refrigerator, Electrolux refrigerator, Shanghai SHARP, and other well-known domestic enterprises in the product.
General supplement: 1-2 bottles.
Replace all:
1) mini car: 2-3 bottles (single air conditioner / double steaming air conditioner)
2: medium car: 3-4 bottles
3 "Audi B class sedan Pasa Te: 4-5 bottle
Note: the more complex the air conditioning system / the longer the pipe, the more refrigerant is needed.
The shopkeeper is strongly recommended: if you go to the garage for the snow, we must bring their own, because the 99% repair factory use zapai.
The snow is aotecar environmental protection 134a environmental protection type refrigerant, chemical name: 1, 1, 1, 2- tetrafluoroethane, molecular formula: CH2FCF3, with non-toxic, colorless, nonflammable, non explosive characteristics, such as good thermal stability, chemical stability, and CFC-12 (CFC) compared to the ozone consumption index (ODP) was 0, refrigeration capacity, the boiling point of -26.15 Deg. C, is an ideal substitute of freon
Currently on the market some unqualified R-134a snow, its appearance is marked as R-134a is F-12, there is a mixture of both, water content, acid content of more hardened rubber ring seal, will speed up the air conditioning system is damaged, the refrigeration parts appear premature leakage, high water content of snow which will make the air pump lubrication, wear, and the water will be in the air conditioning system in the snow clogged with ice cycle, affect the cooling effect. If you use the R-12 R-134a to fill in the snow for fake air-conditioning system, because F-12 and R-134a frozen snow snow oil is not compatible, it will make bad lubrication and cooling pump stuck, lost cooling function. And waste more money to repair the cold air