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Three in one heating belt strap foot leg slimming slimming bandage fat burning infrared heating abdomen

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Don't have the time and care in the thin waist, imperceptibly, waist and abdomen piled up some fat, even difficult to subtract.
In order to maintain a slim waist, alleviate waist ache, many women do not know for how much time, energy and money. In fact, can do so, do the housework at you. Watch TV or chat, wearing a waist fat - soluble, you can in a simple, comfortable, convenient process, enjoy a reduced - fat. The effect of health care

Far infrared ray heat active body fat reduction: instrument has very strong penetration, can penetrate into the subcutaneous tissue, warm the body from the inside, given biological cell viability, as well as adjunctive therapy of chronic inflammation (class - wind - dampness, wind - wet - off - Section - arthritis, lumbar muscle strain) produced the pain relieving effect

The use of infrared thermal principle on the skin surface cells to activate blood circulation increase speed of tiny blood vessels to the capture effect. Heat penetration and resonance in the electromagnetic transmission to the skin and deep under the no motor function and the solid fat vibration accumulation decomposition combustion, don't worry whether allergy, must be used with the activating element or reduction - fertilizer - reducing fertilizer -- cream, wrapped in plastic wrap better, and see the effect quickly.

When using, it can regulate the heat energy according to its own feeling. When it reaches a certain temperature, it is automatic constant temperature, and uses 10 minutes or so to start sweating at the heating part, the use time should not exceed 45 minutes

Insist on using once a day, your body fat is constantly decomposed combustion, 25 days or so you can find a lot of thin, you soon have beautiful skin and moving body


Far infrared energy penetrates into the deep layer and decomposes the solid fat which is accumulated in the body and has no movement function

With the reduction of fertilizer -- drug use, treatment efficacy of treatment for obesity and cellular organization is more significant

The increase of body fluid and blood activating circulation, improve the skin vitality

Improve chronic inflammation (class - wind - wet, wind - wet - off - Festival - inflammation, lumbar muscle strain) produced by the pain relief, relax the muscles, relieve fatigue, the effect of stabilizing the nerves

Usage method:

A. used to capture essence or slimming cream in the skin to skin or part of the need to lose weight massage for 20 minutes, the skin beauty body sculpting reduction: fertilizer instrument wrapped in skin care or reducing fat -- position. (minus - fertilizer package film first layer effect is better)

B. plug the plug into the power outlet

C. temperature controller is divided into ten levels to choose from, in a clockwise direction for four to seven the highest minimum recommended level is appropriate (temperature is too high may burn the skin). When the small red light on the controller reduction: instrument for activating fertilizer has entered the heating body, the small red light turns green when you enter the constant temperature state.

D. must unplug the power plug after use


It uses the principle of infrared heat energy to burn the waist fat, without using any thin body cream, alsoDon't worry about allergies, you can be safe and thin. And see - effect - very fast. Just in use,The temperature can be automatically adjusted, and the heat can be controlled according to its own feeling. This product doesn't need to be madeExercise, the use of 5-6 minutes will feel a lot of sweat in the waist, and use about 15 minutesYou can feel the whole body is a lot lighter. Especially in the waist, a lot of sweat drops are coming out. UseYou can turn off the power and cool it in 0 minutes. Have a good rest. Second days, and then insist on using,So the waist fat keeps burning, so your waist will soon become thinner and more slenderPeople. Generally adhere to use 3 days or so, you can find the waist will be thin 2-3CM. It's very convenient to use. canWatch TV while you're thin. You can also use it in bed. It's comfortable, so it's better than too muchThe empty one!

Because it's inflatable in space. And there's a lot of imitation on the market now. Prices vary.So I generally advise customers to buy this kind of infrared ray. Because it works. And it's easy to use,The quality is good. From the beginning has been sold until now did not appear return goods exchange situation. Hope beautyMy friends, come on and get your fat reduction program. You know: want to have a pair of slender and charming legsIs not difficult, because the infrared automatic thin -- leg can help you to achieve this plan to the United states. thinkA friend of the United States, you have to act quickly. Limited opportunities. Don't miss it.

Matters needing attention:

If you want to achieve the ideal effect of body sculpting, you must cooperate with normal, reasonable, balanced diet, as far as possible to reduce and control the intake of calories, usually also appropriate exercise, so that soon will have the ideal body

Please do not put the fertilizer activating heat work of folding machines, after use soft cloth wet water or neutral cleaning solution to wipe clean, prohibit the use of organic solvent or water rinse directly. In use if you feel discomfort or overheating to cut off the power by activating - fertilizer apparatus