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Emerson precision air conditioner DME07MOP1 original genuine heating room air conditioner nationwide guarantee

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Emerson network power is Emerson owned business brand (New York stock exchange code: EMR), is a global leader in key service security TM ", from the network to the chip provides a full range of security communication network, data center, healthcare and industrial facilities. Emerson network power provides innovative solutions and our professional technology in AC / DC power and precision cooling systems, embedded computing and power, integrated racks and cabinets, switch and control, infrastructure management, connection, solar and wind energy, industrial energy and electric vehicle charging etc.. All solutions are supported globally by local Emerson network energy professionals.

DataMate3000S series base station air conditioner, Emerson Network Power Co. Ltd for mobile communication base station, small communication room, small room design IT development, using scientific and advanced design methods, after rigorous testing laboratory of precision air conditioning, refrigeration system capable of efficient, stable and reliable service life, the ability of continuous long-term operation, not to strict requirements of environmental temperature.

Product features:

  • Adapt to the running environment characteristics of base station, provide continuous and stable operation environment for main equipment
  • Design of high energy efficiency refrigeration system
  • Adopt routine maintenance free maintenance design method
  • 365 hours a day, 24 hours a day, continuous operation, long life design, high stability
  • Can be set, unique economic operation mode, you can choose energy-saving mode of operation
  • It has the function of self starting call, and can set delay start time
  • Equipped with standard RS485 monitoring interface
  • Flexible switching function of main and standby machine, automatic switching and rotation function of the unit
  • Ultra wide outdoor temperature range, a variety of condenser configuration
  • Small footprint, 100% full frontal maintenance
  • Strong environmental adaptability: the condenser standard meets the outdoor temperature environment from -15 to +45 degrees. In this range, the unit guarantees continuous refrigeration, and the heating state is not limited by outdoor temperature. Can provide a higher outdoor temperature environment of the condenser configuration, LEE-TEMP low temperature start condenser configuration, to meet the -34 ~ +45 degrees Celsius outdoor temperature environment, to ensure that the northern winter room cooling demand
Product series 
Type of indoor unitModel of outdoor unit at normal temperatureModel of low temperature outdoor unitRefrigerating capacitykWHeating capacitykWRemarks
DME05WCE2DMC05W2DML07W15.5 A single, single-phase power supply
DME05WOE2DMC05W2DML07W15.52.7Single phase power supply with heating
DME07WCE2DMC07W2DML07W17.5 A single, single-phase power supply
DME07MCE2DMC07W2DML07W17.5 Single, three-phase power supply
DME07WOE2DMC07W2DML07W17.52.7Single phase power supply with heating
DME07MOE2DMC07W2DML07W17.52.7With heating, three phase power supply
DME07MH2DMO7HM2DME07MH27.52.7Indoor heating and humidifying machine
typeModellongxwidex(highmmWeight (kg
SSeries indoor machineDME07WC/OE2510x386x174085
Outdoor unit at normal temperatureDMC05W2702x353x62634
Low temperature outdoor unitDML07W1952x353x62663
Indoor heating and humidifying machineDME07MH2952x353x62763

 Warranty service content:

1, our store sales products enjoy the factory standard warranty period and warranty service;

2, the warranty period provided by us free repair or replacement service (shipping by the buyer)
3, our shop provides free technical advice and troubleshooting; if you need engineers to install, debug or repair, you need to collect the corresponding travel expenses and installation fees.
If it is one of the following circumstances, it is not included in the warranty:

A does not operate and use according to the user's manual;

B failure to change the machine without consent;


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