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Roof garden, green roof planting, heat insulation, water storage and drainage board, flower box, water filtering and strengthening geotextile factory

Roof garden, green roof planting, heat insulation, water storage and drainage board, flower box, water filtering and strengthening geotextile factory

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Shanghai Longhua direct drainage plate drainage board geotextiles and other green products grasscell

Roof greening garage roof drainage board balcony planting drainage plate water filter plate drain plateSpecial supply of water supply and drainage board, roof greening, landscaping, price concessions, Shanghai Hualong earthwork materials wholesaleBaby's water storage and drainage board is 3 high, weighs 1400g of the price. 3 yuan / piece, super value!Dear friends, note that this drainage board size is the price of 500*500*20 is 1, =0.25 square meters4 =1 square meters. The price of 1 square meters is 12 yuan. Please take the number of square meters according to your own needs. Roof greening special water storage and drainage plate in developed countries has been used for decades, there are nearly ten years of development at home, is the first green roof, its main principle is to implant layer and roof isolation, play the following roles:Drainage is the most important function of roof greening, the water can be discharged in time, the roof will not leak. Roof green storage and drainage board, plane up, the roof overhead separation, so that rainwater through the geotextile filter to the overhead layer, drainage unimpeded. It avoids the problems that the traditional coiled drainage plate is inclined upwards, resulting in the soil falling into the convex point space and unable to drain.* insulation:Through the overhead function of the special storage and drainage board, the heat is cut off, so that the temperature can not be transmitted to the roof, thereby reducing the indoor temperature.Water:The roof greening soil layer is generally thin, high temperature, moisture evaporates quickly, therefore a unique water storage tank design, to ensure the surplus water storage in the groove, which does not increase the load of the roof, and can supply the plant.* root control:The roots are unable to grow in natural air without soil media (e.g., holes on the side of the flowerpot, and the roots don't grow outside). When the overhead air layer of plant root growth and water storage and drainage plate formation, due to lack of soil layer overhead, inhibition of root through the overhead layer in the air, not to make root growth, and in the soil in the separation of more lateral root (air root control principle). It not only controls the damage of the root system to the roof and waterproof layer, but also makes the plant capillary root developed and vitality stronger. What's the difference between the drain board and the drain board?1. the water storage and drainage plate can store water, the drainage board can not store water, and the water storage and drainage plate with a height of 2 centimeters is about 4 kilograms per square meter.2. the drainage plate has good drainage effect, and the drainage effect is slightly. If the rain water is large, the storage and drainage plate must be considered first. In addition, the roof of the garden with more drainage plate. The water storage effect of the storage and drainage board can make the root system grow better.3. drainage plate can prevent the thorn, because the drainage plate is equivalent to planar membrane bag bulges, besides having waterproof function, can also inhibit the plant root into the drainage plate below, can play the anti thorn, protect the roof and the garage roof effect. The water storage and drainage plate can not prevent thorn, not waterproof, some real estate in the quality strictly, also can use the following layer of root separation plate, placed above the water storage and drainage plate, the top cover of geotextile, and then backfillDrainage plate construction. Soon, 2 workers per day laying of 1000 square meters, construction of overlapping place if demand a little water can not leak, need professional welding technology. Drainage plate has the advantages of simple construction, directly to the material stitched together on the line, there are special lap buckle, drainage board construction slow, 2 workers per day laying of 500 square meters.