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Household water filter water purifier water purifier rural tap water spring water filter sand filter

1, factory direct sales, quality assurance, leave a compensable ten 2, one year warranty, not only for repair, maintenance of life 3, filter sediment suspension, removal of heavy metal impurities, residual chlorine, bleaching powder, removal of heavy metals, blood worms, bacteria and impurity etc.

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Two stage water filter: filter sediment impurities and suspended solids, solid particles, removal of heavy metals, residual chlorine, bleaching powder, in addition to color in addition to taste, remove bacteria, impurities and so on, can be used for the whole house water tap water, filtered tap water in chlorine, bleaching powder, red worms, heavy metals, bacteria and so on, turn on the tap is no longer the "red water"; also can be used to filter water, spring water, fine sand, mud impurities of pesticide residue, carcinogen three halogenated methane, heavy metals, cement sand filtration wells impurities and heavy metals, taste and so on, the water is clear and transparent.

Name: two general purpose water purifier

Specification: 1T-3T/H (1-3 tons per hour, can be customized)

Model: SHJS-1T/H, SHJS-2T/H, SHJS-3T/H (select)

Process: quartz sand filter + activated carbon filter

Control mode: manual / automatic

Water requirements: water / water / tap water / water / spring water reservoir

Water pressure: 0.2-0.3MAP

Suitable temperature: 5-45 degrees Celsius

Inlet and outlet: 6 points, 1 inch

The sewage outfall: 4 points

Water quality: yellow, turbidity, sediment, heavy metals, color, odor, leaves, residual chlorine, bleaching powder, red and yellow are applicable

Water quality: clear, accord with national standard of drinking water quality

The first stage: quartz sand filter


Its main role is to remove mechanical impurities and suspended organic matter, reduce water turbidity. And colloid, iron, manganese, organic compounds, pesticides, bacteria, viruses and other pollutants in water has obvious removal effect; quartz sand filter with the characteristics of small filtration resistance, large surface area, strong acid and alkali resistance, oxidation resistance, the scope of application of the PH 2-13, has the advantages of good anti pollution, quartz sand filter the backwash function ensures favorable filtering effect, backwashing filter fully dispersed, good cleaning effect.
Level second: activated carbon filter
It is the role of the adsorption on active carbon, carbon particle surface has numerous holes, can adsorb organic compounds, colloidal particles and microorganism; can remove chlorine, bromine, iodine, ammonia and other non-metallic materials; metal ions, such as silver, arsenic, hairpin, six chromium, mercury and antimony, tin etc.; can effectively remove color and odor and the pharmaceutical industry to remove the water source, prolong the service life of ion-exchange resin. On the foul water, colloid and pigments, such as heavy metal ions removal adsorption obviously, filtered water is colorless, tasteless, odorless, very clear. Activated carbon filter can effectively remove
Aquatic animal, plant or microbial - water breeding and decay a fishy smell and rotten smell;
The organic matter in water - corruption decomposition and dissemination of the smell of the earth or astringent;
The melting water odor gases such as SO2, H2S, and NH3;
The industrial wastewater discharged into the water containing impurities such as oil, phenol and other odor;
The process of adding chlorine - disinfection water smell;