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Scarlett with Jie Chun novel free broken line modified anti glare rearview mirror heating large blue streamer LED

1. 2.0L for the original car rearview mirror without heating, no broken line modified heating 2. special buckle, nondestructive replacement, and the original car rearview mirror, 3. complete hyperbolic rate decreases on both sides of the rearview mirror blind lane change more confidence in the 4. blue mirror effectively reduce the reflection of headlamps, anti glare effect for night driving is no longer difficult 5. reliable quality assured, sold on the date of one year warranty of 6. mirror workmanship, the distortion is small, not too dark night

discount 70% in 2018-09-23 to 2018-09-25
price: USD$ 333.20
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Number:LensA pair of right and leftEquipped with plastic pallet + heating function + mirror LED steering optional

The manager reminds: the lens with LED steering lamp has free breaking line, which is more reliable for the plug in the plug and the installation without damage

Applicable vehicle type:

2014-17 Nissan New Jun NissanX-Trial

14-16 2.5L full range (leading / luxury / Zun enjoy / Extreme Edition) standard rear view mirror heating function

14-16 2.0L (Department of fashion / comfort / chi collar / intellectual drive) mirror heating function of the original car without, for mirror heating function after modification, without breaking the line, with the original car heating plug to plug, rearview mirror heating interface reserved on the door, open the door and the door to the rearview mirror assembly down wear line, through the rear windshield heating switch control rearview mirror heating, rearview mirror heating modification can refer to work with

How do we plug the heating plug into the original car plug? Please refer to the following video link

17 novel Chun 2 manual comfortable version / classic / Fashion version of the original car rearview mirror without heating functions (rearview mirror heating reduction with the reserved line from the body to the door, only the rearview mirror on both sides of the heating wire anode wire to drive the steering wheel below the fuse box to find the original car reservationRear view mirror heating fuse H/MIRROR10AElectrical connection, please contact customer service instructions require taking appliances, anode wires are respectively connected with bolts can be fixed in the ground mirror on both sides of the door)The mirror heating function of the original logo with the 17 paragraph 2 and 2.5 wisdom enjoy the entire department, with the rear windshield heating common control switch

Purchase tips

1. for mirror heating function of 2 Chun novel original car without, can be purchased without heating the White / blue mirror in diagnosing direct replacement;If you need to modify the rearview mirror heating function, please buy heating refitted white mirror / blue mirror + refit line for refitting,Modified method remove the side mirrors assembly, find the rear windshield heating line reserved in the door, connect the line to the line, in the rearview mirror, connected by heating lenses, the rear windshield heating switch control rearview mirror heating

2. The original car standard mirror heating function can buy white mirror / blue mirror direct replacement

3. LED mirror steering lamp refers to turn lights hidden behind the lens with the original car, open the lens, the need to disassemble the rearview mirror shell, find the original car rear-view mirror steering lamp power supply plug and unplug, our LED lights with the original car of the male and female plug, and to plug the original car directly,Without breaking the line, you can achieve the steering lights, mirror LED together with lightIt is safer and more convenient to refit