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Xinyuan Santana 20003000 engine era Superman 1.8 engine assembly

discount 70% in 2018-09-22 to 2018-09-24
price: USD$ 1330.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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The joint company in Germany and the United States port more strength of many suppliers, with professional experience of more than ten years, TOYOTA, Honda, Nissan, direct selling, Mazda Pajero cars and car parts and all original parts, including the engine cylinder block and cylinder head, generator, starter, carburetor, distributor, gearbox, transmission shaft, axle shaft, differential before and after the bridge, suspension, shock absorber, brake disc, brake pump, booster pump, steering machine, car shell, cover, door, head and tail lamps, front and rear bumper, grille, sand plate, rearview mirror, computer board, air pump, instruments, electrical switches, etc.. We always adhere to the "quality of survival, to the credibility of development". If there is no difficult parts of the products listed or you have a car please contact the company
Contact information:
Contact: Huang phone; 13423233373
Online; Xinyuan auto parts firm

For the company of goods sold, after the buyer receives the goods, due to our reason wrong type or faulty accessories can not be used, replacement! We bear the freight. If the buyer is wrong type, we also give the replacement, freight borne by the buyer.
For buyers, in the purchase, the accessories can be used in normal circumstances to return, we will not be returned. The reason is the recent discovery of buyers to try their own car where the problem is, we bought a lot of accessories, finally returned to say not all the basic. For this case, we will not be returned!
Buying guide:
If you fancy goods shop and wanted to buy, please inquire about or in QQ. In order to confirm whether the goods and the price! According to the price at the time the market will not be great, floating.
Warm reminder:
Quality is more important than price! Because the second-hand goods, so not only do price comparison, a standard is to measure the price of commodity quality.

Matters needing attention:
Due to limited number of commodities, and the price is occasionally floating, where to take three days to perform traders are regarded as automatic end transactions, late again, this shop can not guarantee a spot or the price at that time.

The receiving issue:
This shop will be carefully checked before shipment of goods quality, before packing, packaging will take pictures sent to the buyer, but when you arrive, please check carefully when the freight company, if damaged, may refuse to sign, if it is because of the damage in transit, the shop can find freight company to compensate, but if you the goods have been received, if damaged, freight is not liable, so please in order to their own interests, remember to check carefully!
Service commitment:
1. receipt of payment or Taobao, guarantee the goods within 24 hours, issued in accordance with customer specified transportation.

2. sells accessories, if wrong or have quality problems, within 7 days replacement.

3. the sale of scrap parts, loading will be good, otherwise Baotui, baohuan.
Payment method:
The first Alipay deal, then Kuandaofahuo, bank information as follows:
1, China Construction Bank
Card number: 621700323000673658 Name: Huang Huabin Taobao store address:
Type of shipping:
Express: 1, suitable for small goods, 2 to 3 days
2, not too large: railway, three to four days of arrival
3, logistics: heavy pieces are not in a hurry, two to six days, shipping is more affordable
4, there is a direct bus or bus: after the city, and very suitable

The buyer must read:

Because online shopping can't see in this shop are second-hand auto parts sale of goods. So where the store sales of goods can enjoy worry free shopping customer service service, please be sure to take a few minutes to read the following terms and conditions.


First, the store of goods in accordance with the address provided by the buyer shipping, such as buyers there is a sign on behalf of the parcel staff (guard, family, colleagues, classmates) sign, as buyers have signed;


Two, buyers when the receipt of goods, when the delivery personnel must face to open the package to check the goods, and the goods are in good condition to ensure that the number of sign. If the goods receipt quantity of goods have been damaged or not to say, this shop is not responsible.

Three, second-hand goods quality standards are not clearly defined, please consult the quality situation at the time of purchase, the seller in accordance with their psychological description that fineness requirements and purchase. If you ask for very high quality, please choose carefully. Online pictures are for reference only, please prevail in kind. If there are special requirements, can inform the owner shot pictures (WYSIWYG)


Four, return instructions

1.This shop support 7 days no reason to return. If you buy regret, or the unknown is not satisfied, or my family do not agree or feel expensive, or other, as long as the buyer return postage, receipt within 7 days can be no reason to return, promised a full refund in case of damage in this shop. 

As the goods are used, after receipt ofThe product within 10 days if there is quality problem, can choose a replacement, but during the freight half (one trip). The return within 2 days must be sent the goods and provide the invoice number to the seller, shall not use any excuse to delay time, such as delay time, this shop is not returned.

Buyers return the baby must have the following necessary conditions:
   (a baby) itself, and all other accessories intact gifts;
   (2) the receipt, gifts, accessories must be returned at the same time;
(three) if you need to return, please carefully packaging, to ensure that the goods will not damage in express way. As in the express way to damage due to buyers of packaging, by the shipper shall assume full responsibility;
The following regulations: (not to return1Disassemble the repair);2) human caused damage such as water, crushed, cracked. (3) the appearance of color does not match. Return only the appearance quality inspection. Because the buyer did not check the receipt for transport and damage or other defects, the store can not provide return service; (4) if you have any questions please directly by phone or want to reflect the buyer, we are also the first time for you to solve.

Five, the shop sold baby both in components and the screw seal paint pen mark, to prevent the buyer open, and prove that the goods for the shop sold, so buyers get the goods after do not paint cleaning off, if not after the seller agreed to wash off the paint, when open to customer service.! Hope to cooperate;

Six, before the baby photographed buyers please contact the owner to determine the type. Because of the particularity of second-hand car accessories is out of stock of the situation before the shoot, please contact the owner whether goods. Buyers in the baby photographed after 3 days can not pay, this shop is not retained.

Seven, shop operators need capital turnover, so please buyers get the goods72Hours must confirm the loan. In fact, there is no quality problem, one day can be detected! Otherwise, the seller will be in72An hour later will not accept any quality complaints, complaints and keep the buyer receiving payment rights.

Eight, as a professional seller, each transaction, we will treat but, objectively speaking, I can not make every buyer satisfied. When you want to express dissatisfaction in the comments or bad comments about our services have any doubt, please contact us in the evaluation, we will give you a reasonable explanation of your dissatisfaction on the problems, please help us solve. If you don't make any contact and given negative feedback in the comments or, I will be regarded as malicious bad review, and I will act such complaints in the end.

Nine, in particular, the owner has checked the appearance of the cargo is intact!Do not ask again!

Ten, the success of the transaction and pleasant, is the result of joint efforts, in the conditions allow buyers to solve whatever problem!

Eleven, if you take the baby that you agree with the above terms, of course, the seller will strictly observe and perform their duties. Finally I wish you a happy online shopping trip