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R410aR404aR407cR22R407a refrigerant refrigerant bottle snow hall installed 650G500G

The freight is set with freight department, need more than 3 kilograms of refrigerant, need redirection fee

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price: USD$ 31.50
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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The freight is set in the hall installed vials of freight, need more than 3 kilograms of refrigerant, you need to contact customer service to fill freight
Fluoride Kit: pressure gauge +90CM transparent fluoride 2 tubes + opener 1 + adapter 1
Lack of refrigerant test
1, test: air conditioning open normal after a period of time to blow the wind on the body feel cold, and can quickly reach the set temperature,
The outdoor compressor can like refrigerators open for a while to stop for a while, it can be said to be normal.
2, test: measuring indoor thermometer machine air inlet and outlet temperature, difference in temperature is above 8 for the normal temperature difference is large
The air conditioning work better, good up to 15 degrees celsius.
3, see: in the boot after ten minutes, open the indoor machine panel, you should see the condensed water is uniformly distributed on the evaporator
(like dew) is normal, if half half, may lack fluoride. If local frost or ice is not normal.
4, touch: such as outdoor machine in hand to touch the place, can be in the boot after ten minutes to touch. The outdoor machine has two copper valves, a thick copper, a fine brass. Touch the valve should be two temperature; coarse fine temperature lower than,
Feeling cold compared to normal (in high temperature should also be condensed water). Zaimo outdoor unit of hot air is not hot,
If not hot may lack of fluoride.
5, check: used more than half of the users, the valve pipe joint and the outdoor machine can view the indoor machine is obviously
The oil spill has obvious signs such as leakage phenomenon indicates that the machine has the leakage, because the oil spill will dissolve fluorine, fluorine leakage,
Will the oil leakage of fluorine. When air conditioning may lack of fluoride.
Air conditioning fluoridation steps:
1: the remote open air conditioning refrigeration mode.
2: check whether the normal operation of the indoor machine.
3: the outdoor compressor is normal start.
4: after the startup, fluoride equipment from the outdoor unit connected with the low-pressure valve side column.
5: the pressure of fluoride.


6: check whether the leak with foam water.

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Portable refill R22R404aR407aR410A snow 650g freon,

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