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Santana 3000, 2000 engine, engine board, computer module, model AHC Santana

discount 70% in 2018-09-18 to 2018-09-20
price: USD$ 210.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Buyer must see, our shop promise;This shop business of second-hand imported and domestic scrap pieces. Due to the auto parts market demand, there are many new products, fakes, renovations and so on. The second-hand imported scrap pieces of cheap, affordable price, compared to the original authentic, even a fraction of a new half. Although the second-hand car but the quality of goods is not inferior to pay the new factory, Rolex in seven to 90% new, even new. All goods packaging cars can be used in this store, quality assurance for 7 days, and can be returned within 7 days, except for the new parts and the new ones.

 Contact information;

Mobile phone 13725887827   Address: J131 shop, Southern China International Auto Parts City, Dalang Town, Dongguan

 About freight;

This shop second-hand original pieces, the price gap is large, low profits, and all the goods package buyers trial, so the sale of goods shall be borne by the buyer does not package freight []. [note by Taobao party shall fill in the seller is not the actual freight freight = auto parts because the size and weight of the large span, marked freight has been filled in according to the provisions of Taobao, according to the actual freight volume, real weight, according to the buyer designated delivery logistics company, delivery address and decide, so buyers can inquire or login Ali Wangwang consulting before the baby photographed, thank you for your cooperation]
                   Sell buy fair = = =  Notice of return

   Since the accessories are second-hand, if the quality problems occur within ten days after signing, they can not be used normally, and the exchange can be returned. If the return must be within 2 days of shipment and provide the invoice number to the store, shall not use any excuse to delay time, if this shop is not responsible (no change back).

The buyer must have the following necessary conditions for the exchange of goods:

(1) the goods and the goods sold in this shop are complete without damage

(twoThe store must be appointed quality goods, if the shop before the sale of goods without quality goods, will not be returned

(three) if you want to return goods, please carefully packed, to ensure that the goods will not be damaged during shipment and during the process. If the goods are damaged during the delivery, the buyer himself shall bear the full responsibility for the reason of the buyer's packing

Note: if the following is the non exchangeable commodity regulations:

1. the buyer or the repair factory has to disassemble and repair the goods sold in the shop.

2. man-made damage: goods in the loading process, such as water shortage appear improper operation [lack of oil, without checking directly on the machine, the lamp light caused by the engine cylinder, delaware. Damaged, unable to work properly.

3. appearance color does not match. Inspection is only allowed on the same day. You need to sign when the courier logistics staff [] surface inspection, inspection, if have any questions you can contact the shop immediately, the store will be the first time to give an explanation and treatment. Once confirmed, then sign again, once the receipt indicates that the buyer has accepted the sale of goods. [Due to the possibility of damage in the process of transportation and logistics of the goods, if the goods after the goods once again raised the damage or other defects, the store can not provide return service. ]

Note: under the premise of non commodity quality problems, the sale of goods is not accepted and exchanged, looking forward to parent cooperation, self pity, and join hands in creating a better future       

Evaluation of propriety;

   1.Each transactionAfter the buyer has the right to the restaurant's service, and shop the sale of goods, and then gives a summary evaluation of opportunity, this shop attaches great importance to the pro evaluation and suggestions, and strive to achieve full praise. If you have the opportunity to cooperate, also look forward to pro strong support, thank you for your patronage

    2 Not according to their mood at the pro shop to make in the assessment, if the pro shop sold goods receipt if you have any dissatisfaction, can directly contact the shop owner [customers], this shop will be given proper solution, must solve the re evaluation.

    3,Such as dear to receive the goods have opinions, and do not contact the store without the solution, after only personal wishes, giving mood assessment shall be regarded as malicious evaluation.

    4, we only use Ali Wangwang as trading chat tools, if has the burden of proof, complaints, reports and other disputes, but also hope to produce pro Wangwang chats screenshots, thank you.

 Buyers notice, entity facts, respect transactions, pay attention to communication

1. if you fancy goods shop and wanted to buy, please Wangwang in '' 'or' 'call to consult, to confirm whether the goods and the price! Price according to the market, floating is not great!

2. due to limited number of commodities, and the price is occasionally floating, where to take three days to perform traders are regarded as automatic end transactions, late again, this shop can not guarantee a spot or the price at that time!

3. if you have no Alipay, direct remittance. To remit the funds, please contact with our firm in time. The first time to confirm the money to the business.

4., all of the firm's goods are taken in kind, as far as possible to protect the WYSIWYG, if there is a small difference, please understand. Because of the light, display and other reasons, the picture color may be slightly different from the object, the picture is for reference only, please take the object as the standard.

5. the supply of the car factory, professional factory, pure scrap products in different places equal quality of the whole car spare parts. Unlimited inventory of large inventory, due to the relationship between time, failed to build one by one, if necessary, welcome "Wangwang" or "call" inquiry.
6. of the firms reported prices are not higher than around the "auto parts store" or "peer", not private lift price deceive consumers, but also will not make the price fall into a vicious competition, benign market system, let us join hands in creating.

7. baby description language is organized by the firm and has the right of final interpretation! The shop there are many shortcomings we need through rehabilitation.

Receipt of goods should pay attention to; buyers receive baby, please carefully check and verify, when the courier face to see, see if there is no problem, then sign. If you have any questions, please contact our store in time!