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SMC type three shaft guide rod cylinder MGQMMGQL16-101232202530405075100

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SMC thin cylinder with guide rodMGQM16-10/20/30/40/50/75/100-Z73-S three axis cylinder

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Two, cylinder selection

1Selection of types

According to the working requirements and conditions, choose the type of cylinder correctly. Request cylinder arrives at a stroke without terminal impact phenomenon and the impact noise should choose a buffer cylinder; light weight, light should require the installation of cylinder; space narrow and short stroke, optional thin cylinder; horizontal load, optional cylinder with rod; braking requirements of high precision, should lock cylinder; do not allow the piston rod rotation, optional a rod is not rotational cylinder; high temperature environment need to use heat-resistant cylinder; in a corrosive environment, selection of corrosion resistant cylinder. In the harsh environment such as dust, it is necessary to install the dust cover at the piston rod protruding end. When no pollution is required, no oil or oil free lubrication cylinder is required.

2Installation form

According to the installation location, purpose and other factors to decide. In general, a fixed cylinder is adopted. The rotary cylinder should be used when rotating continuously with the working mechanism (such as lathe, grinding machine, etc.). When the piston rod is required to move in a straight line, the shaft pin type cylinder is also used. Special cylinders should be selected when special requirements are required.

3The magnitude of force

That is the choice of bore. According to the magnitude of the load force to determine the thrust and tension of the cylinder output. In general, according to the external load theory, the cylinder force required by the balance conditions, according to different speed, choose different load rate, so that the output force of the cylinder is slightly margin. The bore is too small, the output power is not enough, but the diameter is too large, the heavy equipment, cost increase, and increase consumption, waste of energy. In the fixture design, the expansion mechanism should be used as far as possible, in order to reduce the size of the cylinder.

4Piston stroke

With the use of the situation and the mechanism of travel related, but generally do not choose full stroke, to prevent the piston and cylinder head collide. If the clamping mechanism is used, the required stroke will be increased1020Mm margin.

5The speed of piston movement

Mainly depends on the cylinder input compressed air flow, the size of the cylinder intake and exhaust port and the size of the catheter bore. High value should be taken for high speed motion. The speed of the cylinder is generally50800/s. For the high speed moving cylinder, the intake pipe with large inner diameter should be selected; for the load change, in order to get the slow and stable speed of movement, the throttle device or gas can be usedLiquid damping cylinder is easier to realize speed control. The throttle valve control cylinder speed should pay attention to: cylinder installed horizontally pushes the load, as recommended by the exhaust throttle speed control; load lifting cylinder installed vertically, recommended intake throttle control requirements; at the end of stroke smooth movement to avoid impact, should choose the cylinder buffer device.

Type selection of cylinder

program1Select the type of cylinder according to the operation form:

There are three ways to operate the cylinder: double action, single action spring press in and single action spring extrusion

program2Select other parameters:

1The selected cylinder size, according to the load, using air pressure and direction determine

2Selection of cylinder stroke, moving distance of workpiece

3Selected cylinder series

4There are different installation methods for different types of cylinder installation, including basic type, foot type and flange type,UHook and trunnion type

5No buffer, rubber buffer, gas buffer and oil shock absorber are selected

6The magnetic induction switch is mainly used for position detection, and the inner ring of the cylinder is required

7Selection of cylinder fittings including related joints