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[original] Airtac SDA63X50 Yadeke enterprises used thin cylinder pneumatic components wholesale

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The pressure energy of compressed gas is converted into mechanical energy in pneumatic transmissionPneumaticActuating element.The cylinder.There are two kinds of reciprocating and reciprocating movements. Reciprocating linear motionThe cylinder.AndIt can be divided into single action, double action, diaphragm type and impactThe cylinder.4 kinds.


Single actionThe cylinder.There is only one end of the piston rod, and the gas pressure is generated from the side of the piston to generate the pressure. The air pressure pushes the piston out of the thrust force and returns to the spring or dead weight.


Double actionThe cylinder.Alternating force from both sides of the piston, output force in one or two directions.


Diaphragm typeThe cylinder.Diaphragm instead of piston, output force only in one direction and reset with spring. Its sealing performance is good, but its travel is short.


To attackThe cylinder.This is a new type of component. It converts the pressure energy of the compressed gas into the kinetic energy of the movement of the piston at a high speed (10~20 meters per second) so as to do the work.


No barThe cylinder.General: the piston rod of the cylinder is not. The magnetic Yadeke cylinder, cylinder two kinds of cable.


Do reciprocating swingThe cylinder.Nominal swingThe cylinder.The inner cavity is divided into two by the blade, and the air supply is alternately supplied to the two cavity. The output shaft is swinging and the swing angle is less than 280 degrees. In addition, there are turnsThe cylinder.Gas liquid dampingThe cylinder.Step by stepThe cylinder.Etc..


The cylinder.It consists of a cylinder, an end cover, a piston, a piston rod and a seal. The internal structure of the cylinder is shown in the diagram:

1The cylinder.Cylinder

The inner diameter of the cylinder represents the size of the cylinderThe cylinder.The magnitude of output force. The piston should make a smooth reciprocating sliding in the cylinder, and the surface roughness of the inner surface of the cylinder can reach Ra0.8 M.

SMC、CM2The cylinder.The piston adopts a combined sealing ring to realize bidirectional sealing, and the piston and the piston rod are pressed and riveted without nuts.

2The cylinder.End cap

The end cover is provided with an exhaust port, and some are still the end cover is provided with a buffering mechanism. A sealing ring and a dustproof ring are arranged on the end cover of the rod, so as to prevent the air leakage from the piston rod and prevent the dust from mixing into the cylinder. A guide sleeve is arranged on the end cover of the rod to improve the guide sleeveThe cylinder.The guide precision, horizontal loading amount of piston rod, reduce the bending amount of piston rod extends, prolong the service life of the cylinder. Guide sleeve usually uses sintered oil alloy and forward copper casting. The end covers are often malleable cast iron. In order to reduce weight and prevent rust, aluminum alloy die casting is often used.

3The cylinder.piston

Piston isThe cylinder.Stressed parts in. In order to prevent the piston left and right two cavities from running into each other, piston sealing ring is provided. The piston wear ring can improve the orientation of the cylinder. The piston seal, reduce wear, reduce friction resistance. The wear resistant ring is made of polyurethane, PTFE, synthetic resin and other materials. The width of the piston is determined by the size of the sealing ring and the length of the necessary sliding part. Sliding part is too short, easy to cause early wear and stuck. The piston is made of aluminum alloy and cast iron, small sizeThe cylinder.The pistons are made of brass.

4The cylinder.Piston rod

Piston rod isThe cylinder.The most important part of stress. Usually use high carbon steel, hard chromium plating on surface, or use stainless steel to prevent corrosion, and improve the wear resistance of sealing ring.

5The cylinder.Seal ring

The part seal of rotating or reciprocating motion is called dynamic seal, and the seal of stationary part is called static seal.

There are several ways to connect the cylinder and the end cover:

Integral type, riveting type, threaded connection type, flange type and pull rod type.

6The cylinder.The piston is lubricated by the oil mist in the compressed air at work. Also a small part of free lubricationThe cylinder.


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