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Heat insulation board, heat insulation material roof, heat insulation roof, sun protection board, sunshine room exterior wall insulation

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Nano technology heat insulation cotton, heat insulation board. Heat insulation 90% calories.

Pure aluminium foil heat insulation material, roof heat insulation material and external wall heat insulation material,

Heat insulation materials such as sunshine room

6 layer pure aluminum foil+ monolayerBubble+6Layer pure aluminium foil

9Yuan is the price per square meter, the width is fixed 1.2 meters, so the square is only 0.83334 meters, not a meter, the number of square parents need, directly photographed it.

Side: look carefully, but single bubble and double aluminum on both sides, single bubble in the middle, the diameter of each bubble 10MM, because the compression of the coil, the actual only 3MM to 4MM or so, pure aluminum on both sides of each layer 10C thick.


Product name:6Layer pure aluminium foil+ monolayerBubble+6Layer pure aluminium foil(thick 3-4MM)
Parameter:10*4mm (thickness 3-4MM, aluminum foil thickness is more than 10C per layer)

Size: 1.2 meters wide, 40 meters long (1 rolls, 48 square meters)
Product number: GZ-CD201406

Function: it can be installed on roof, wall or floorCement roofs, glass roofs, color steel tiles, roofs, villas, ordinary windows, sunlight houses, floor heating, and so forthMore than 90% of the buildings and the outside worldThermal energy barrier, protecting the walls, resist temperature surge sudden drop effect.



Product description:

This is a new type of environmentally friendly heat insulation material. The material is soft, light and easy to install. The structure is made of aluminum foil and polyethylene, which is made by special mechanical processing. This product is non-toxic, tasteless, and its emergence not only solves the traditional glass fiber and foam materials to the human body caused by the discomfort and environmental harm, but also can prevent the penetration of iron, concrete, wood and ordinary insulation materials and enter the room of ultraviolet light. On the one hand, the insulation material has good insulation, heat reflection, heat insulation, anti radiation function; on the other hand, it can play a very good moisture-proof, heat preservation and energy saving role in the building application (roof, wall, floor) through its material characteristics.


1This product is non-toxic, tasteless, environmental protection;
Lightweight, soft, dust-free, easy to install;
It has the functions of heat reflection, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti radiation, shock proof and shielding;
Moisture proof, sun protection, waterproof, good sealing, heat preservation and energy saving...
Summer: moisture proof, sun protection, heat insulation, cool air conditioning;
In winter, it has heat preservation function, can save heat, and has remarkable energy saving effect.


Installation method:  

Method 1, the simplest way is to use waterproof double adhesive tape, film and membrane jointsWaterproof double adhesive tape stick, and then useWaterproof aluminum rubber tape to overlap the film and the filmmembraneGlued to the ground or glued to the glassPrisonThat's all right.

Method 2,It is on the top with small piece of iron sheet or PVC belt to suppress heat insulation material. It's OK to use a willow nail or a little steel nail on the heat insulation material

Method: 3, tin roof iron shed is ready, with a special aluminum plate batten (local sun direct selling about 1.5 yuan a metre) drilling pump nail installation, can prevent the line, (cotton coated with light oil is more durable); or in the iron tile below with wire fixation, ceiling mounted pull line. Iron shed new to do, on the steel frame first laying insulation cotton, four corners with tie band fixed, two pieces of cotton overlap10 cm above Gaitiewa on the line.

Method 4,Cement roof:What the wind directly with bricks on the line, after September next year can be put, it is more durable. Or use the sun board special aluminum layering, add1.5 cm steel nails, nail on the cement surface on the line (Xishai wall or as nails). If installed on the roof below the ceiling, wooden nails installed ceiling mounted so as to better.

Heat reflective insulation material: this material is a new type of heat insulation material in the world, used for housing construction, air conditioning engineering and other heat insulation in foreign countries. It is a kind of energy saving and environmental protection material, which is widely used to replace the conventional glass wool and foam type insulation material. There are three ways of heat conduction, i. e. radiation, conduction, convection. On the roof, through the heat radiation (UV) to the house accounted for 90%, through the roof material (iron, cement, wood etc.) into the room only 5%; usually the insulation material can only be used to solve the 5% heat isolation, the ultraviolet light can penetrate iron, cement, wood and insulation materials into the house, so the conventional insulation material can block most of the heat into the house. The heat reflecting insulation material produced by our factory can not only block the heat conduction, but also block the radiation heat, and can reflect 97% ultraviolet rays, so that it can not enter the house. Its heat insulation performance is also quite good. In Japan and Europe, not only roof materials are used, but also walls are paved, so that it has summer sun protection, heat insulation, air conditioning, winter can play a role in keeping warm and heat, thereby saving heating and cooling costs, and receiving obvious economic results.

Purchase need to know:

This product is environmentally friendly, non-toxic odor free, sunscreen thermal insulation material, the new easy to install insulation effect without boasting like motorcycle pad as sunscreen materials, the sun sitting on the ass is not a bit hot, touch the skin below the seat is cool, or the aluminum material, we are better with pure aluminum material. Pure aluminum film on both sides, the middle PE plastic double bubble bag; direct sunlight reflective insulation can be used for 5-12 years (coated with light oil, with longer life) below the available 30-50 insulation and heat insulation effect; sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen paint is OK, paint a little thin, old color changed one or two years after what reflection effect. Due to the combination with the entity store, inventory can not be updated in time, before the contact customer service, otherwise the stock has the right to postpone3-5 days' delivery. Meager profit management, no refund, no change, no warranty, good re shot,. A large number of projects with the proposal to take a few square back to test the effect of exposure, combined with more, in order to avoid losses, a large amount of logistics can be sent, cheap.

   We usually send STO or rhyme express, long-term cooperation concessions, to send other home, please inform, but may be expensive point, can not reach the place can not communicate, have the right to refuse delivery. The baby is a little big, the courier may not move upstairs to you, this does not make a bad comment. Buyers please sign spot opened inventory, wrong or missing please contact the seller to deal with the scene and then sign, otherwise, the goods do not lack the intact, (seller without error). At the same time, baby is a little big, transport several times to transit, even if the shop packaging is good, sometimes inevitably a little small damage what, with transparent adhesive does not affect the use effect, this is the building materials category, does not affect the appearance. Of course, too much damage or dissatisfaction can also be rejected. Mind careful pat. Customer service:18929576336 (technical support), with a good baby for praise, your support is our motivation, thank you.