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Roof insulation material, heat insulation effect is good, factory direct sales

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1. speak with facts! The product, after several experiments, is able to reflect 88% of the direct sunlight heat

2. cost performance is super high! Some knitted sunscreen nets are several yuan a square meter, and the heat insulation effect is very different!

If a customer questioned insulation aluminum foil insulation materials we can, with our free sample, the country only charge 10 yuan fee model area is 0.6 meters *0.5 meters, can be made into a seat cushion of the electric vehicle and a cool hat!

Customers can test on the wooden stool after receiving our thermal insulation material template. Two stools are also placed in the sun, a covering of our thermal insulation material, and the other one does not cover. The reason why it is placed on the stool instead of the roof test is that the thermal conductivity of the cement plate is very strong, covering a small area, the surrounding heat will still be transmitted to the cement plate under the cover, resulting in inaccurate test results After testing, you'll find that underneath the stool that covers the insulation is cool. Because our thermal insulation is reflective of heat, unlike other heat insulation materials such as pearl cotton, heat insulation nets, foam boards, etc., it is endothermic. Practice, we only do have the effect of the product.

As the roof of the environment is relatively poor, exposed to the weather rain, a customer may worry about our not durable insulation materials. But after you receive our thermal insulation material, these doubts will vanish, because our aluminum foil insulation material can be waterproof, anti-corrosion, sunscreen, you see the material can be intuitively felt!

Structure of heat insulation material:Aluminized film +PE Bubble + aluminized film

7.5 yuan is the price of 1 square meters, the specification of heat insulation material is 1.2 meters wide, the area of 1 meters length is 1.2 square, and how many square number directly need to be taken directly, we will help the parents to cut enough area to send the goods.

The roof insulation material sold in this shop is a new type of environmental protection heat insulation material. The insulation material is soft, light and easy to install. It is made of aluminum foil (or aluminized film) and polyethylene, which is processed by special machinery, odorless and non-toxic. A variety of colors or fireproof materials can be added into the bubble material. The insulation material does not contain harmful substances, comply with the ISO14000 international environmental protection certification requirements, exported to Africa, Europe and the United States and other countries, can be assured to use. It not only solves the discomfort caused by the previous glass fiber and foaming material to the human body, but also prevents the ultraviolet rays entering the room through the iron sheet, concrete, wood and ordinary insulation material. The aluminum foil (or film) with reflective material, thermal characteristics and polyethylene materials, which not only has good insulation, heat insulation, anti reflection and radiation function, but also by the properties of the materials used in building construction (roof, wall, floor) can play a very good insulation, moisture-proof, the effect of energy saving.
Name of heat insulation material:Aluminized film +PE Bubble + aluminized film
The parameters of 10*3mm:
Gram weight: 300
Size: 1.2 x 40M
Product number: sjl-002
Function: can be installed on the roof, walls or floors of the building to play with the outside world for more than 85% of thermal energy barrier, protecting the walls, resist temperature surge sudden drop effect.
1. no fiber, clean, safe, no irritating smell, energy saving and environmental protection;
2. durable, hail resistance tear;
3. it has the functions of heat reflection, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti radiation, shock proof and shielding;
4. moisture proof, sun protection, waterproof, good sealing, heat preservation and energy saving;
5. light, soft, dust-free, flame retardant, easy to install;
6. summer can moistureproof, sun protection, heat insulation, save cold air; winter can keep warm, save heat;
Remarkable energy saving effect.
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Our factory is direct sales, preferential price you deserve!



Installation method

1. cement roof. Use brick to hold the heat insulating material directly, the wind can be, after summer, the weather is not hot, and then put it back, so it is more durable. You can also use special aluminum plate sun layering, add 1.5 cm small nail on the line in the cement surface, (Xishai wall or as nails).


2. new tin roof, we set our insulation materials in a frame with four corners, with tie fixed, then he can directly cover. Figure


3., the iron boron has been done directly with the sun plate dedicated aluminum layering (local sales of about 1.5 yuan a meter) drill hole pumping heart screw installation, can fix insulation material, windproof can.

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Our sales of heat insulation materials non-toxic, no odor, environmental protection, is the latest type of roof insulation materials, installation is very easy. You should have seen the aluminum foil used on the motorcycle seat, even if you are exposed to the sun, you touch the leather of the seat, or cool. Our heat insulation material is much better than that of aluminized material for motorcycles. The same aluminized film, you get the hand, compared with the quality of the aluminized film, we know that our thermal insulation material is much better. This is the aluminized film. Our pure aluminum film produces better heat insulation materials.
This shop is an entity shop, welcome Guangzhou buyers directly to see the goods, before coming to contact with the owner can. Our thermal insulation material is factory direct sales, profits have been reduced to the lowest. Because the size of the product is relatively large, the freight is high, so buyers optimistic about the re shot. If you need a large number of projects, please take part of the sales of thermal insulation material back to try the effect, good, then a lot of fixed, you can send logistics.
Our sales of heat insulation material volume is big, couriers sometimes may not help move upstairs, please don't because of this reason to the bad assessment, thank you very much for understanding. When the buyer sign, please check whether the goods are missing, damage and so on. If the problem can contact the seller to deal with. Of course, due to the large volume of our thermal insulation material, it is inevitable to have friction and breakage during transportation, but the main damage is not large, it will not affect the use effect. In short, if there is any problem, please immediately contact our customer service, will help you properly handle. Thank you very much for coming. Customer service: 020-8454068318665052611 (technical support). Your satisfaction, my happiness, happy shopping.