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Retractable door remote controller, electric translation door, garage door, crystal door fireproof door, rolling door insulation door maintenance

Retractable door robot motor can only adjust the system, welcome to buy, retractable door warranty for 3 years, gold medal after sale

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The owner of the camp: fire door gate manual electric door stainless steel glass door crystal induction door door garage door door door motor insulation style and a variety of accessories and maintenance trade

All products are damaged without damage, free maintenance for one year (except locks), motors are not damaged, free of charge within one year (except remote control).

Note: the manual shutter door purchased in this shop sends the original lock one, and the electric rolling shutter door sends a remote control set


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Rolling shutter door outline:

The shutter curtain piece is connected with a plurality of joint movable door pieces in a fixed slide way,

Take the scroll above the door as the centerThe heart turns up and down the door. When the shutter door is opened, the door body is round

Cheese shaped fixed in the doorway above.Reducing the space occupied by the door body. Rolling shutter door same

The wall acts as a horizontal partition. It consists of a curtain plate and a support plate,Guide rail and support roller,

Box, control box, door rolling machine, limiter, lintel, manual speed switch, button switchAnd

Insurance device, etc.13It is usually installed in the place where the wall is not easy to be separated.

Rolling door is suitable for commercial appearance, garage, shopping malls, hospitals, factories and mines and other public places or public places

Residence. especiallyIs the larger, inconvenient installation ground door place to conveniently open

Effect。 For garage doors,The mall fire shutter doors, doors and other aircraft.

According to the opening form is divided into:

1, manual rolling door. With the help of the torsion spring balance force on the central axis of the rolling shutter, the purpose of pulling the rolling shutter manually is achieved.

2 、 electric rolling shutter door. The rolling shutter door motor is used to drive the center shaft, so as to achieve the purpose of switch rolling.

When the motor is set to the upper and lower limit of the motor set, it stops automatically. Special motor for rolling shutter door:

Outside rolling shutter door motorAustralia type rolling shutter door motor, tubular rolling shutter door motor, fireproof rolling shutter door motor,

Double curtain rolling door motor,Fast rolling shutter door motor, etc.. Different rolling door types are different

Rolling door motor。

According to the door sheet material is divided into: Europe profile door piece, aluminum alloy door piece, stainless steel door piece, crystal rolling shutter door piece,

Steel door, fireproof material, inorganic cloth piece, door plate grid door sheet, stainless steel pipe link door sheet etc..

According to the installation of the form is divided into: wall, side wall (or the door inside and outside the tunnel) two installation method.

Buyers notice

1, price: This product belongs to custom made products. The price is pressingUnit price calculation(square meters or meters).

Customized products according to customer requirements of the actual size and the use of accessories specifications customized (accessories are divided into: high, medium, low 3 grades)

For your choiceThe size of each door is different, the total price is also different. Before you order this productPlease contact our customer service

We need it according to your doorSize to calculate the area and total price.

2, unit price excluding stamps: transportation, installation, packaging and tax costs, if you need invoice tax charge according to the national standard rate.

Transaction process

Taobao order process: (for foreign customers)

Choice of style, confirmation of price, determination of door size, confirmation of total price and confirmation of delivery time

Delivery 40% earnest moneyArrange the production, fill out the tail money before delivery, deliver the goods, and finish the transaction

Offline single process: (apply local customers)

Style selection, price confirmation, door size measurement, confirmation of total price and confirmation of delivery timeSignature

Surface contractTo deliver 40% earnest money to arrange production, installation, installation, end payment, transaction completion

Freight description

Free of charge in Beijing

Our factory products are generally larger volume, basically are sent logistics, freight according to the arrival of the goods, the destination of the distanceRemoteness

And whether to deliver or to mention! The cost depends on the size of the product and the size of the cube.

About loading

Local customer:

Local customers provide on-site measurement, design and installation services.

Foreign provinces and cities:The seller is not responsible for delivery and installation. If the installation can not be solved, we are required to install the door, please supportPay the installation fee and travel expense!

About after sale

All the products purchased in this store are guaranteed for 1 years according to the national three package policy.

Please present the copy when you guarantee itThe valid certificate issued by the company is guaranteed by the documents!

Note: if the product is improperly used by customers, subjected to external force, impact and damage, it is not within the scope of this warranty.

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