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FOTEK Yang solid state voltage relay SSR-25VA

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First, product features:
1The input and output - cooling plate between the isolation breakdown voltage is greater than or equal to 2500VAC;
2Built in resistance capacitance absorption circuit;
3With safety protection seal;
4External potentiometer can achieve output voltage adjustment, simplifying the application;
5SCR phase shift output, wide adjustment range;
6100% load current aging test, through the EC CE certification, international ISO9000 certification, domestic 3C certification.

Two, model description:

Three, technical parameters:



hand over
Following the

Product type classification

   SSR-10VA    SSR-25VA     SSR-40VA

   SSR-50VA    SSR-60VA     SSR-75VA

control mode

Resistance type voltage regulator


load current


Load voltage


Input control mode


Control current


Current leakage


On state Buck


Off state time


Dielectric Strength

Input / output - heat sink 2500VAC

insulation resistance


ambient temperature


Installation method

Bolt fixing

Work instructions




Four, product application:
A series of solid state voltage regulator is composed of a silicon controlled switch circuit and resistance capacitance phase-shift circuit, eliminating delay circuit, overvoltage absorption circuit in the form of modules, using flame retardant engineering plastics shell, epoxy resin, self lifting screw crimping junction, with structure of high strength, impact resistance, anti shock resistance, novel structure, equipped with safety protection cover, make the installation convenient examination is safe and reliable when using only one potentiometer can realize AC power regulation, can replace the heavy touch regulator in many applications.

Five, typical applications:
1Industrial equipment temperature control
2Incandescent lamp dimming
3Resistive heating element
4Conveyor belt speed control
5Small AC series excitation motor speed regulation
6And other automatic power conditioning occasions

Six, inappropriate occasions:
1AC motor control, AC motor
2Three-phase motor control
3The need for complete sine wave input applications
4Applications requiring zero output
5Can not bear, by phase modulated waveform of RF interference occasions are capacitive load and rectifier circuit

Seven, safety precautions:
1The output for the SCR phase modulated waveform, generates radio frequency interference (load series inductance circuit can reduce the interference).
2B, control potentiometer wiring longer use with shielded wire or metal tube shielding;
3The product is non isolated (input and output), select the potentiometer should pay attention to the isolation and line voltage, the installation process must pay attention to safety;
4The load current is higher than 5A, must use the radiator or installed on the metal plate with the corresponding cooling effect, and the solid pressure regulation device and a mounting surface between the radiating bottom plate coated with thermal grease.
5In use, inductive load, high transient voltage and surge current is applied and output, it may lead to solid state voltage regulator misconductions or damage, usually require voltage control devices with special clamp voltage at the output terminal access, such as bidirectional zener diode or varistor (MOV). Varistor recommended to take the rated voltage 1.6-1.9 times.
6To control the small load current load close to the minimum load current, a virtual load resistor should be connected in parallel to reduce the output leakage current to generate higher residual voltage on the load.
7In order to avoid the temperature rise of the solid state relay exceeds the allowable value, the heat dissipation effect and the installation position should be considered when designing the application. When two or more solid state relays are installed side by side, there should be proper spacing.
8For special requirements and applications, please contact our technical department for more detailed technical support