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DMF-0.1 type electromagnetic gas safety shut-off valve is smaller than 120 DEG CDN150

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One, DMF-0.1 type electricityBrief introduction of magnetic gas safety shut-off valve: 
DMF-0.1 electromagnetic gas safety shut-off valve produced by our factory new generation of products. Electromagnetic gas safety shut-off valve not only overcomes the shortcomings of the current domestic electric shut-off valve, such as slow cutting speed and complex control, but also can cut off the gas immediately when the power is cut off, so as to ensure the safety of production.
DMF-0.1 electromagnetic gas safety shut-off valve is mainly composed of electromagnetic starter and butterfly valve with good sealing performance. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, reliable operation, fast cutting speed and good sealing performance. The sealing ring is generally oil resistant rubber,
Two, DMF-0.1 electromagnetic type gas safety shut-off valve use 
Most of the modern industrial furnaces using coal gas as fuel are low pressure gas burners, which provide combustion air by professional fans. Most kilns also use air to heat devices. In the production process, once the gas pressure is too low, the burner can not work properly, should immediately cut off the gas and stop the fan, except for special cases. This ensures the safety of production and does not make the furnace rapidly cool down. If the gas failed to cut off the gas, there is a certain pressure, possibly by mixed gas burning nozzle into the wind pipe, in particular to a wind pipe heating device, the temperature drop will form a negative pressure, make it easier for the gas into the air duct, and then form a mixture of explosive in the wind pipe or furnace. When the ignition will often cause an explosion, causing the accident. This has happened repeatedly. This product is for the design and development, is the ideal equipment for various industrial furnace gas production safety as the indispensable material.
There are many reasons for low gas pressure, including gas pressure caused by power failure. Now, the general gas shut-off valve is driven by the motor, and can not be operated when the power failure occurs, so the gas pressure caused by the power failure can not achieve the role of safety protection. This product overcomes this shortcoming, and the cutting speed is much higher than the electric shut-off valve, which is more in line with the safety requirements. This product can also be used in other occasions with similar requirements.
Three, DMF-0.1 electromagnetic gas safety shut-off valve structure and working principle
DMF-0.1 electromagnetic gas safety shut-off valve consists of high air tightness butterfly valve, traction electromagnet, lever device, lock pin, heavy hammer and spring, etc., its structure and working principle (see Figure 1)

Technical specifications of four and DMF-0.1 electromagnetic gas safety shut-off valve:
1, electromagnet according to AC 220V, the capacitance is about 220VA supply (special requirements, the factory can also supply)
2. The nominal pressure of the valve is PN0.1MPA.
3, butterfly valve size see Table 1 (flange and JB81-59 consistent).
4, cutting time: one second
5, medium temperature: -20~180.
6. Environmental temperature: -20~60. 

Five, DMF-0.1 electromagnetic type gas safety shut-off valve size table:



DN D D1 D2 L L1 L2 H b Z-φd
100 205 170 145 120 360 250 550 14 4-18
150 260 225 200 145 410 250 590 16 8-18
200 315 280 255 145 465 250 640 18 8-18
250 370 335 310 180 520 250 690 22 12-18
300 435 395 362 180 580 300 740 22 12-23
350 485 445 412 200 630 300 790 22 12-23
400 535 495 462 200 680 300 840 22 16-23
450 590 550 518 200 740 300 880 24 16-23
500 640 600 568 270 780 300 930 24 16-23
600 755 705 670 270 895 400 1020 24 20-25
700 860 810 775 270 1010 400 1100 24 24-25
800 975 920 880 270 1125 400 1190 26 24-30
900 1075 1020 980 270 1225 400 1280 26 24-30
1000 1175 1120 1080 300 1345 400 1360 26 28-30

Installation and application of six and DMF-0.1 electromagnetic gas safety shut-off valve
1, the product can be installed horizontally or vertically, the user does not specify the installation requirements, according to the level of installation of hair supply.
2, this product has a handle and the lock pin (see Figure 1, 3, 2) for the installation and commissioning, operation must be tripping.
3, hammer must have protective grid to protect personal safety, this product with energy dissipation spring, the best use of the lower part of the flexible buffer stop.
4, outdoor installation, must be equipped with rainproof cover (when the user requests, the factory can be matched supply)
Seven 、 DMF-0.1 type electromagnetic gas safety shut-off valve order description:
When ordering, please specify the following contents:
1. Nominal diameter of valve
2. Medium pressure
3, the electromagnet power supply voltage (no special needs can not mention).
4, other special requirements (add flange, high temperature hard seal, etc., the factory can supply).
5, DCK-1 electromagnetic gas safety valve controller for its ancillary products, users can not choose, self designed control circuit.
6, other special requirements (such as sealing material, etc.).