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Thicken single to prevent bedsore mattresses for the elderly bed care mattress fluctuations household inflatable air bed


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Five characteristics. Leading quality

one. Imported pump heart, ultra-quiet.

Second, heat sealing technology, no leakage.

Third, wave massage, anti-lesion.

Fourth, the cycle of fluctuations, more dry.

Fives. Sleep function. Sleeping incense.

Elderly people or paralyzed patients can induce hemorrhoids if they stay in bed all year round. Family members or nursing staff need to help patients turn around to prevent bedsores all year round. Anti-decubitus mattresses and automatic wave massage function ensure the comfort of the elderly and avoid bedsores, greatly reducing family members. Nursing stress and heavy care

Silent pump + sleep function

The principle of the fluctuation: The mattress itself has 20 tracheals to form a single mattress, with 2 air chambers. The trachea uses one air chamber, uses another air chamber. The mattress is inflated and exhausted by the air pump for a long time to complete the effect of the fluctuation. . The effect of the fluctuation is the circulation exhaust of the two air chambers, and the inflation is 1.3.5.... full 2.4.6... and the air pump will automatically change the air to become 1.3 in about 5-7 minutes. .5... Underarm 2.4.6...Saturated. This is the principle of anti-decubitus mattresses.

Air mattress features

1) Ultra-quiet design can give the patient a quiet and comfortable healing environment;
2) The air cushion is strong and firm, with good waterproof and air-permeable functions, and it does not contain any allergens. It can be used with confidence.
3) Multiple alternating air chambers can give patients constant massage, promote blood circulation, effectively improve tissue ischaemia and hypoxia, prevent local tissue from prolonged pressure and produce acne;
4) Anti-decubitus mattress adopts microcomputer control to adjust the speed of deflation and deflation;
5) Anti-decubitus mattress, controlled by microcomputer, the host has a longer life;
6) Work continuously and without manual intervention;

Purchase anti-decubitus cushions and give family love!

It adopts the advanced physiological and dynamic principles of the world and imported high-tech medical products made of forged materials. Through the strict examination of the national food and drug supervision and management department, production and clinical application standards are met. It is an essential family product for stroke patients and paraplegic patients. It has achieved good results in many large and medium-sized hospitals.

The anti-decubitus cushion uses a double-airway circuit to inflate the air, which reduces the humidity of the bed's body's implantation site and helps prevent acne. The patient doesn't need to turn over often and it won't grow acne! And the air cushion work continuously, without manual intervention!

Specific work instructions for Anti-decubitus mattresses:

1, microcomputer control airbag ventilation;
2、Air cushion size: 2000mm×900mm (Uninflated) Applicable to GB beds;
3, airbags made of imported polymer environmental protection materials, the winter does not harden, not in the summer;

4, low megaphone design, no more than 20 decibels.
5, long life design

This product is a high-tech exchange of gas, ultra-low pressure flow mattress. It adopts imported materials for production, special soft texture, good feel, and sufficient thickness, and its performance will not change at any temperature. Alternating inflator pumps are treated with special processes, and they have reached world-class level from noise control to durability. .
The product was inflated by automatic alternating inflation of one group of 11 airbags every 10 minutes for two groups of airbags, and the air was deflated so that the patient's body compression portion lying on it could be changed from time to time. By simply using this product, people in the first bed can avoid suffering from hemorrhoids. If hemorrhoids have occurred, the blood circulation in the affected area will gradually return to normal, and the air will be fully circulated. The wound can also be quickly disintegrated.

Product Specifications: 200*90