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Spot glass wool insulation material products cotton board building wall insulation board insulation board filled with cotton

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Product type: 32KG/50MM

Product specifications: 1.2*0.6 meters / film thickness of 50MM;

Packaging specifications: 0.72 square meters / piece

Delivery requirements: a box on the delivery (10 / box)

Price: 13.60 yuan / square meters

Name: glass wool insulation board insulation board insulation board

Glass wool boardFor a rectangular plate, there are a variety of bulk density are available, generally used as heat insulation material basically belong to the "2B" centrifugal glass insulation board, the average diameter of the fibers in the 7 micron, can effectively meet the insulation requirements, each specification is divided and two kinds of veneer veneer, are lightweight, wear resistance and toughness characteristics for various irregular surface, effectively save energy, reduce heat loss, reduce operating costs, the correct installation of glass wool board can effectively reduce the acoustic wave transmission.

Product use
Glass wool board is a kind of ideal acoustic and thermal insulation material, widely used in building insulation wall, engine room; computer room, cold storage temperature; various noise generator room, pump room; stereo cabinet and sound adjustment.

Sound absorption coefficient:
Glass wool board for sound-absorbing materials used, in the left behind air or surface decoration materials. In the air layer thickness is in the range of 100-150mm, the air layer is thicker, medium and low range of sound absorption rate is high, such as air thickened to 300mm, the effective absorption rate is to expand the scope of 100Hz.

This shop is specialized equipment for cotton cutting board, can also add all kinds of veneer, inhibition of glass fiber more environmentally friendly, rich customer different visual requirements, if necessary, please contact customer service personnel

WMP - 38 corrosion proof veneer
WMP—38 Vapor Barrier
Metallized polypropylene film / flame retardant adhesive / fiber reinforced / flame retardant kraft paper

12KG/50MM glass wool felt
Dedicated to a purlin distance less than 1.5 meters of steel structure of metal roofing heat-insulating effect or roof steel structure corrosion protection requirements: such as ceramic factory, chemical warehouse, strong acid and alkaline storage sites, these places are suitable for use, use for a period of 20 years. Compared with reinforced aluminum foil paste surface, it has strong tensile resistance, good corrosion resistance and other special characteristics significantly.

Packing: 10 / bag

Each piece of cotton board size: 1200*600*50mm

Price: 13.60 yuan / square meter (9.80 yuan / piece)


Note: special specifications can be customized specially.

Insulation nail/Rock wool nail Icon

This shop offers proof fiber non-woven fabric: (Dust proof glass fiber, the use of more healthy!)


Construction drawings:


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