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Genuine tourmaline self heating belt magnetotherapy infrared knee shoulder ankle brace six suit

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1. far infrared self heating moxibustion, waist protection -- 1 pieces

2. far infrared self heating moxibustion with hot moxibustion -- 1 pairs

13. far red magnet self heating, hot moxibustion ankle protection - 1 pairs

4. since the far infrared heating hot moxibustion shoulder -- 1 pieces

Pay attention to the waist and shoulder Pro message type and colour

Waist protection product specification (specification selection option) is divided into black and light yellow two kinds

STrumpet: 1.82.4(Shi Chi) (tile)101Centimeter)

MMedium: 2.5-2.8(Shi Chi) (tile)104Centimeter)

LTuba: 2.9-3.2(Shi Chi) (tile)117Centimeter)

XLOutsize:3.2Above (Shi Chi) Tile (tile)120Centimeter)

Shoulder the tile size are as follows:Two options for black and blue


Medium sizeM):41.5cm


Extra largeXL):48.5cm

Please note: the product details, size, color and other manufacturers continue to update and perfect, so the above data is for reference only, physical and page size of the standard has a certain deviation, is normal.

[methods of use]

1. apply water to protect the warm surface of the protector;

2. self heating surface close to the skin fixed in the body;

3. generally 15-30 minutes or so can feel the obvious high fever, at the same time hot moxibustion point to play a strong acupuncture effect, the skin corresponding acupuncture sense. According to your skin feeling, determine the length of wear time, such as feeling high fever or strong sense of acupuncture and moxibustion, please temporarily pick, can not be suppressed.

4. can also be used without wet, but the heating rate will be slower.

[special explanation]

1. after use, such as skin redness and persistent burning sensation, is a normal phenomenon, will gradually fade away.

2. use fever function should be directly fit the skin. Water intake can accelerate the rate of fever, so the use of wet heating layer or wet skin condition (such as bath or sweat on the surface of the skin) will soon fever.

3. if you don't want to use high fever function, just use the clothes apart.

4. in the use of heating effect, the protective device itself is not hot.

5. after a period of time, if the feeling of heating speed or intensity weakened, can be placed in the sun for 1 hours, so that it can restore energy. In addition, because of the long-term use of sweat stains, skin oils, dust and other pollution, will also affect the speed and intensity of heating, hot moxibustion point detergent solution can be highly diluted to gently wipe the brace, and then washed with water, immediately put them in the sun to dry, can be restored to normal use.

[washing method]

Water washing; disable all kinds of detergent; avoid long time immersion; DP


1. patients with serious heart, brain diseases and bleeding or bleeding tendency should be prohibited;

2. in vivo installation of cardiac pacemaker, insulin pump and other electronic devices banned;

3. partial skin breakage is forbidden;

4. pregnant women and lactating women prohibited;

5. cancer and critical patients are prohibited;

6. be allergic to people with allergies;

7. do not contact watches and easily magnetized objects with products in order to prevent magnetization.