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Mail ESTORE engine five core high pressure ignition sub cylinder line power agile refit Santana 20004000

Twelve years of professional refitting brand, dedicated car, quality assurance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, significantly enhance the power, high safety coefficient, after installation, power, fuel economy and emission indicators have improved significantly, the friends order please note models in displacement or Wangwang messages, all prices are a a plurality of prices rather than a single price, ignition wire support cash on delivery, thank you

discount 70% in 2018-09-25 to 2018-09-27
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ESTORE ignition sub cylinder line, suitable for 90% of the market 5-7 models, are available, can be issued on the same day, please rest assured to buy!(purchase suggestion)What's your car age?

ESTORE brand ignition line is a very high price ignition line in the market, many other brands are single core ignition line, our five core ignition line does not need another ground wire. The price is very realistic, and you can refer to another brand five core ignition line in the picture below


Product appearance


As shown in the figure, our brand ignition wire spark plug at the end of the bar above the red circular dust cover can freely install, when to pull to move to the right position can be installed, when there is any doubt at any time I want to leave a message or call

Silicone has a good soft feel, arbitrary twist, not broken!





The very large volume car brand products, including automotive rectifier, turbocharger, bright lights, superconducting wire, chassis two gas inlet, permeability oil pot, ignition intensifier, sports version of the 5 core cylinder line, iridium spark plugs and series of modified products, swept the major - selling brand, genuine original, belt anti fake label, around the city have agents, the 4S stores, the shop sold a total of more than 10000! Safe, reliable, durable, peace of mind first choice ESTORE!

Product introduction

In the daily running of automobiles, the power source of the engine is mainly the physical and chemical action of the deflagration of the fuel in the combustion chamber of the automobile. Engine power, fuel economy performance and exhaust emissions are directly related with the deflagration and auto combustion chamber deflagration energy depends on the mixture type, air / fuel ratio, mixed gas compression strength ratio and ignition spark plug etc. several major elements, so the change in the combustible gas mixture and other factors under the condition of the discharge intensity of spark plug (ignition), on deflagration is sufficient or not, deflagration diffusion velocity plays a decisive role, and the discharge intensity of the spark plug, the ignition module and ignition coil is selected, depends on the quantity and the ignition power stability.

The motion version five core ignition line embarks from the automobile movement to the engine request, from enhances the ignition performance angle, according to the engineering principle has carried on the specialized design, has given full play to the spot fire line's function, the power, the fuel oil repeatability has the very big enhancement.

product mix

A, using advanced Silver Plated Platinum nickel alloy filament as conductive conductor. Advanced magnetic materials for inner winding. The advantage is to maintain a strong electrical conductivity, at the same time, there is good anti-interference, electromagnetic wave suppression peak role of high pressure wave.

B, inner core high pressure resistant layer: the inner core of the wire core uses high pressure resistant rubber material of up to 40 thousand volts. The whole body keeps high current conduction value, and the whole body bears the voltage peak value of more than 50 thousand volts.

C and wire woven layer structure: the linear braided structure uses advanced glass fiber weaving, so that the overall strength and tensile strength of the wire body is more than three times higher than the ordinary high-voltage line.

D, line silicone layer structure: line silicone layer using national standard QS2000 higher than standard tear resistant silica gel, with high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and flame retardant and other advanced physical characteristics.

E and wire shield: made of anti oxidation magnesium aluminum alloy wire, which has good anti-wear and shielding effect.

F, coat protection layer: using imported advanced silicone rubber material, with high temperature, low temperature, high voltage characteristics.

Longitudinal comparison -- comparison between original car ignition line and sports plate 5 core fire line

Here is your original car ignition line and ESTORE brand sports version of the 5 core FireWire cross-section comparison and material size comparison.

Look, you know, the 5 core structure is suitable for sports riders, engine high speed ignition strong support! The composite structure is suitable for all kinds of working environment, the 5 core silver coated winding damping wire is resistant to high magnetic interference, and the silica gel line body has heat resistance and ageing resistance! And the original car ignition line on the ordinary carbon core material, rubber wire body aging, the effect and durability are greatly reduced.

Horizontal comparison -- comparison of other brand sports ignition line and ESTORE brand 5 core FireWire

The sports version of the ignition line has a bright coat, you can not see the internal structure, the following several sections to contrast, you will be clear at the same time, the same line, different quality, there is a picture of the truth, let the facts speak!

What do you hesitate when you look at the contrast photos?! The first choice of ESTORE brand -- professional car refitting! Give your car a powerful driving force, starting here!!

Product features

Increasing accelerationThe use of ESTORE brand five core sports wire ignition line can increase the acceleration. The core of 10.8mm can be accelerated rapidly, the engine response is faster, the efficiency is higher, and the original ignition line has obvious different feeling.

Improve engine efficiency- ESTORE brand five core sports version ignition line can improve engine efficiency. The ignition is strong, the fuel is burned sufficiently, the uphill is more relaxed, and the comfortable driving is realized.

Improve startup and stabilityESTORE brand sports version of the five core ignition line using 10.8mm super magnetic wire core technology can quickly ignition, improve the engine's starting, because the ignition is more powerful, less spark scattered, so the idle is more stable.

Improve combustion efficiencyESTORE brand sports version of the five core ignition line has excellent ignition performance, effectively improve the efficiency of gasoline combustion, reduce exhaust emissions, can be more fuel-efficient. Both the economic and environmental considerations, ESTORE brand sports version of the five core ignition line to complete your primary transformation dream!

Installation method

Ignition line installation is very simple, you can do it yourself, you must pay attention to replace each of the new and old ignition line in order to avoid the sequence error can not start. The installation process is shown below:

Installation example reference (the following is the installation process of road treasure car, for your reference)

Open the engine compartment cover and see the ignition line of the original car under the air cleaner box

After removing the empty filter box, you can see the cylinder head and replace the ignition line one by one

Remove one of the original car line, change a sports version of the high voltage line, do not all demolition and replacement, in order to avoid mistakes, by the way to check the spark plug, if necessary, replace together.

Replace the ESOTRE brand better supporting double iraurita high-energy spark plug tip effect!

After all the replacement, tidy up the direction of the cylinder line

Install the empty filter box, complete ignition line facelift work, start the car check without exception, you can hit the road!

Warranty commitment

The product is free for one year, except for man-made damage, self opening and improper use.