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Imported South Korean rainbow Rainbow temperature control switch knob temperature controller temperature control TS-080SR/090SR

discount 70% in 2018-11-11 to 2018-11-13
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Important explanation: the anticorrosion water with 2 teeth fasteners attached to the temperature bar is not in the 33 yuan range. It should be fitted with the fastener, and the price is 5 yuan!!! Click below to buy.



Connection method: the thermostat has three copper wires, 1, 2, and C three, respectively.

When C and 1 are connected to the power supply circuit, when the temperature reaches the required control temperature, the power will be cut off automatically. When the temperature is reduced, it will automatically turn on the power supply when the temperature decreases.

When C and 2 are connected to the power supply circuit, when the temperature rises, they will automatically turn on the power supply (start with the electrical appliances). When the temperature reaches the required control temperature, the power will be cut off automatically.

South Korea import Rainbow temperature controller, a variety of specifications (-30-+30,0-50,0-

80,0-90,0-120,0-200,0-320), at the present special sale, only 33 of each sale is sold.


High precision mechanical liquid rise temperature controller (+ 3 C) imported from South Korea
This type of product has the advantages of simple operation and convenient use, and is widely used in the temperature control auxiliary parts of all kinds of household electric appliances. In addition, this series of thermostat also has superior performance than other adjustable thermostats. The temperature adjustment range is large, and different on-off temperatures can be obtained by rotating the adjusting shaft at different angles. Low pass temperature difference, high adjustment precision, sensitive switch action, long service life. Product uses: boiling water, shower, electric heating tableware, electric oven, frying pan, medical equipment, all kinds of electric appliances.

Usage method:
1, the use of D (terminal), as the switch is in series connection with a heating circuit; 2, the thermostat body is fixed, the temperature sensing cylinder is inserted into the medium; 3, the rotating adjusting shaft set the desired temperature; 4, nut position has been set at the factory, so the temperature range of the thermostat now, if there are special circumstances required to change the temperature range (i.e. change the top off temperature), it should be adjusted according to the following methods: the temperature controller in the temperature measuring device, a temperature sensing cylinder in medium to medium temperature to the desired temperature and keep constant temperature maximum disconnection. Fix the adjusting shaft, adjust the B with the tool clockwise or counterclockwise, first make the thermostat in the conduction state, then slowly adjust the B with clockwise until the circuit is disconnected, then the temperature is reset and the reset temperature is measured.
Installation note:
1, temperature sensing cylinder installation: P external pressure less than 3MP in the temperature of the tube wall. 2, the temperature sensing tube should be placed in the medium as much as possible. 3, the position of the adjusting nut has been fixed before the factory is out of the factory. In the process of use, no change is allowed to change the range of temperature control. If we need to change the range of temperature control, we should pay attention to the adjustment limit (refer to the maximum displacement of the adjusting shaft). Otherwise, because of the excessive adjustment, the internal structure of the thermostat is out of joint, resulting in the scrapping of the product. 4. In the process of handling the thermostat, avoid the capillary in order to avoid the leakage of the capillary. 5, when installing the main body, consider the length of the connection screw, the wiring terminal should be easy to connect, and cannot be installed in the water leakage area. It is not allowed to screw the screws at will, so as to avoid affecting the operation temperature and collision. 6. If the thermostat is impacted or deformed for some reason, it should be retested to ensure that the temperature error can be used within the specified range.

Applications: temperature control, food and plastics machinery, refrigerated storage, ice maker, electric heater, water dispenser, electric oven, incubator, electric heater can also be applied to household appliances, electronic instruments, electronic control cabinet, etc. for overheating protection, temperature control, etc.

Electrical specifications 16 (2) A250/380V
TS-030S-30 to 30 DEG C (126L5.8 mm diameter)
TS-050S0 to 50 DEG C (125L5.5 mm diameter)
TS-080S0 to 80 DEG C (115L5.5 mm diameter)
TS-090S0 to 90 DEG C (127L6.0 mm diameter)
TS-120S0 to 120 DEG C (105L5 mm diameter)
TS-200S0 to 200 DEG C (64.5L5 mm diameter)
TS-320S50 to 320 DEG C 165L3 mm /60L5 mm (diameter)

Terminal mode monopole double throw
Capillary length 1000mm
Capillary material CUSUS
The fixation method of temperature and temperature rods can be added to the two snail teeth group for sealing and preventing leakage of gas leakage.
Precision + 3 C (the highest in the industry)
A fixed thermostat, a manual reset thermostat, a high current thermostat, and an industrial thermostat (additional enclosure) are made according to the customer's needs.
Security rules VDE, KS, UL, CSA, CE
Origin: Korea
Net weight: 100 grams

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